Folder Dimensions: File folder with measure & quality

Papers, papers – even in the digital age, documents and notes pile up on your desk. Are you looking forward to filing away this forest of papers? If not, it may be because of your folders. In this guide we will explain all about the file folder dimensions and quality.

file folder dimensions

Many file folders are too heavy, too bulky, worn out, or just plain boring in color. Spice up your filing system, and don’t leave the dimensions, color, and quality of your filing aids to chance in the future.

What is the problem without file folder?

It’s hard to imagine everyday office life without file folders. However, these useful helpers can quickly turn into a nuisance. The typical grayish folders look drab and always a bit worn.

A colorful hodgepodge of binders, in turn, promotes chaos and leads to increased search times. It is worthwhile to make some basic considerations regarding dimensions and equipment for an efficient filing system.

Find the tailor-made filing system

Think critically about whether you prefer to use file folders, hanging files, or folders. Even a perfect system is of little use to you if you can’t find your way around it or simply don’t like working with it. Thanks to its standard dimensions, the traditional file folder is simple, straightforward, and fits in any office cabinet.

With index sheets, you can quickly find all documents again. However, punching holes and filing papers takes some time. Meanwhile, folders with a clamping bar simultaneously punch the sheets. This saves you time. In this post, I have compiled more tips for your filing system.

We recommend space-saving setting folders if you are not comfortable with the traditional file folder. 

Find the right dimensions for file folder

As a rule, file folders have a standard height of 320 millimeters and a width of 285 millimeters. What varies is the depth of the folder. The narrow ones can hold 350 sheets. The wide version has a capacity of around 600 sheets.

Filled, however, these folders can 5 weigh 6 lbs. For each new project, consider the volume of paper you should expect. Narrow binders are much more convenient to use, but it’s annoying and time-consuming if you end up having to move the contents into a large binder after all.

Discover the new “deluxe” folders

File folders are much more flexible than you think. Especially on the road, for example, on business trips, the advantage of high-quality products becomes apparent. They are made of lightweight material and have closable inner pockets for business cards, CDs, or the USB stick.

To fit easily into any briefcase, they have rounded edges. And an elastic closure ensures that all papers remain safely stored during transport.

Bring color into play folder

Thankfully, the days of grayish file folders are over. You can spice up everyday office life with colored folders. At the same time, colors bring more systems to your filing system. For example, you can assign a fixed color to folders in certain departments.

bring color into play

Matching file folders, dimensions and colors, provide structure in the filing cabinet.

This way, everyone can see that the blue folders belong to the accounting department at first glance. Or you assign folders of a certain color to each year: 2016 red, 2015 blue.

Extra tip: If many file folders are on a shelf or in a cabinet, it takes longer to find the right folder. Use an alphabetical or chronological filing system to create an easy-to-follow filing system. Apply an adhesive tape diagonally to the file spines. Then you can see the appropriate position of the removed folder at a glance.

Clear lettering prevents search times

Small letters, fading writing, and unclear labels on the spine of the folder are a major annoyance. After a short time, you won’t be able to find your way around right away, and your colleagues will take far too long to find the right file.

With clear and uniform labeling using a Word template, you can noticeably shorten access times. I have compiled some important tips for labeling folders for you here.

Extra tip: Create a table of contents for the file folder. This is placed on the inside cover or filed as the first page and facilitates quick orientation.

This is what matters

Invest in your filing system and get file folders that impress with their dimensions and quality. The extra expense is worth it because good binders last a long time, look good and make filing easier.

File folder dimensions – how it helps

You’ll save yourself a lot of frustration and hassle if you strategically plan your filing system. Whether you choose hanging files or the traditional file folder doesn’t matter, as long as the dimensions and quality meet your needs and requirements. With a filing system tailored to you, you’ll not only reduce search times but finally make filing fun.

Do you prefer to use suspension files or the traditional file folder in your office? Where is the problem? Please write to us; we will be happy to support you in finding a good solution!

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