Find backslash on keyboard in Mac & Windows

backslash on keyboard

In Windows Explorer, directories are always called with a backslash, i.e. an inverted slash. The character is also used in other programs. We will tell you how to write the backslash with the keyboard. Let’s find out where is the backslash on keyboard in Mac & Windows.

backslash on keyboard

Anyone who regularly works on a computer will also need one or the other special character. You can easily enter the letters and numbers via the keyboard. For other symbols, you have to use keyboard shortcuts. Learn how to write the slash character and the reverse slash, the backslash, with the keyboard.

What is backslash key?

The slash is used as a punctuation or word sign, but it is often used as a relationship and ratio sign. The reversed slash, which is mapped the other way around, is used primarily in programming but also finds its use in the mathematical context when mapping difference sets.

The backslash is usually used in Windows Explorer or when calling up your FTP server – when it comes to directories. This is an inverted slash that you can make with any standard keyboard.

Where is backslash on keyboard?

You can easily create the backslash with your keyboard. It is always used when dealing with directories or local users and is difficult to see on the keyboard. Moreover, you need to press a special key combination to make the backslash appear.

Write backslash in Windows

First, press and hold the [Alt] key on your keyboard. You will find this key to the right of the [Space] key. Now press the [?] key at the top of your keyboard, and you will have created the backslash \.

Creating a backslash with the on-screen keyboard

Alternatively, you can use the on-screen keyboard. You can find it in the “Ease of use” section. On the on-screen keyboard, simply click “Alt” and select the backslash in the top right corner.

Find backslash on Mac keyboard

These are cases where many switchers from Windows to Mac say: Why only? Apple has designed the keyboard for OS X somewhat differently than one was used to from the Redmond company. Thus, the backslash is not directly found on the Mac keyboard.

But before you start to despair: It does exist! You can easily copy the backslash ( \ ) with only one key combination. Simply press Alt, the Shift key and the number 7 at the same time on the Mac keyboard.

[Alt-Shift-7] = [ \ ]

And you have found the backslash on the Apple Mac in OS X. The use of the backslash is not that rare – especially in the programming environment. In some programming languages, like C and C++, the backslash is used as escape character. You can use it to create special characters; for example, the “\n” stands for a line break. Without backslash, this would not be possible. Sometimes the character is also used to perform an integer division (DIV).

Find backslash on iOS

On iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system, finding the backslash is a bit easier. Here, you just need to press the “123” button on the bottom left and then select the “#+=” key. After a short search, you should be able to find the backslash here as well. What you need it for under iOS – well.

Backslash on mobile keyboard

On a smartphone keyboard under Android and iOS, you can find both the slash and the inverted slash in the overview of special characters.

Backslash on android keyboard

Writing slash and backslash

The slash is used on various occasions. For example, the character can be used as a separator between different time specifications (Ex: Fall/Winter 2021). The use of the slash symbol is also common when indicating ratios of sizes, quantities, and numbers, such as in the indications “30 km/h” or “15 l/s”.

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