How to find out a private number – Detect anonymous caller

It doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when an unknown or withheld number calls you. But there is a way to find out who is behind it. Let’s see how to find out a private number, unknown or an withheld number.

find out private number

Everybody knows it: The cell phone rings, but the display does not show the name of an acquaintance, friend, family member or colleague, but a suppressed number or an unknown number or just “Unknown”. Maybe you’re one of those who just pick up and listen to who’s on the line. Or you ignore the call so as not to take any risks. But there are ways and means to find a suppressed number or trace the unknown number. We’ll show you how it’s done and which pitfalls you’ll encounter anyway.

Find out a private number – solve the puzzle

Actually, it doesn’t mean anything good when someone calls who don’t want to reveal their identity, does it? After all, it’s easy to think of a scammer or a fee-based hotline that rips you off when you answer the phone. According to a survey, a large number of Americans are skeptical about this and first look to see who’s on the other end of the line when they call. Follow this method to find out a private or unknown number:

  • At first, download and install the True Caller app from Google Play Store.
  • Make sure your internet connection is on.
  • True Caller will search and reveal the caller’s name whenever a call from a hidden number comes in.
  • It takes two to five minutes to reveal the caller ID.

[appbox googleplay id=com.truecaller&hl=en&gl=US]

But what if it’s a potential new employer? Or maybe your ex-boyfriend, who has been deleted from the phone book, has decided to suppress his number. Either way, you can act and trace the unknown number or find out the private number.

Unknown number? This is what you can do

In a previous version of this article, we pointed out the app TrapCall, which does just that: unmask an unknown or anonymous caller. If a suppressed number is displayed on your phone screen, here’s what the app for Android and iOS does for you:

  • If you see an unknown call, you can reject it by pressing the on/off button twice. Seconds later, you’ll receive the call again, but this time with the associated phone number displayed. Now the decision is yours.
  • In some cases, you can even have the caller’s name and address sent to you via SMS or push notification.
  • You can also have an audio recording of the call sent to you via SMS or email.

In the app, you can choose between 3 paid traps:

  1. Bug Trap: Displays blocked phone numbers and blacklist phone numbers at your request.
  2. Mouse Trap: It can convert voice mails into text messages and include name and address if this information is available. Also, you can have missed calls traced after the fact.
  3. Bear Trap: I can additionally record incoming calls with a withheld number.

The problem: Until recently, the mobile app is available in the google play store. If you go to the app page that wants to find a suppressed number, you will immediately see the notice about it. This makes this option obsolete unless you get a US SIM card or change the country in Google Play or App Store to try to get the app.

Besides that, there are several alternatives to trace an unknown caller. However, if you read through the user comments, you will notice that they are probably not worth it.

Unknown number? This is the solution

If you see an unknown number on your phone screen, do the following:

  • Save it as a contact on your phone.
  • Open WhatsApp and click on “Contacts” in the menu.
  • If the unknown person also uses WhatsApp, you will see his status and profile picture there, if available.

If the result does not satisfy you, do the following:

Try the reverse search (inverse search) or 11880 to trace the caller’s identity under an unknown number. This will give you information about the person at a glance, sometimes even including their address.

Caution: Do not call back these numbers
If none of this helps, simply call the number back – if you are willing to take a risk. However, extreme caution is advised with so-called ping calls. These are often companies that specialize in ripping you off. If you call back, you will end up in a cost trap and will be surprised about your next cell phone bill. You should ignore especially numbers with 00261, 00257 or similar.

Find out a private number & become a detective

At first, it sounds impossible to trace an unknown number or find out a private number or unknown. But the identity of the mysterious caller is not that secret at all – even if he or she thinks so. We don’t have a guarantee that it will work for you. But if you are brave, our tricks should help you.

If the caller continues to annoy you, at least you have his or her number, which you can block with an Android phone or iPhone. Otherwise, you can help yourself by turning off your cell phone or using GSM codes to unlock secret cell phone functions.

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