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WhatsApp’s features are constantly being renewed. Thus, the messenger service adapts to the constantly changing demand of the market and makes many a user happy. As of now, you can update WhatsApp to the latest version Once again, many new WhatsApp features await, which some cell phone owners already know from the beta version.

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However, not everyone can be happy. While Android users can finally unlock the app via fingerprint, iPhone owners can benefit from other new WhatsApp features. Find out exactly what the WhatsApp update brings with it and how you can use the latest options in your daily life here.

Unlock WhatsApp with fingerprint

It has long been possible for owners of iOS devices: WhatsApp can be conveniently unlocked and secured via fingerprint. From now on, Android smartphone users can also enjoy this feature. Once the fingerprint lock is activated, the messenger service automatically locks itself as soon as you switch the app or the screen is deactivated.

Depending on your choice, this happens immediately, after one minute or only after 30 minutes. If you want to open WhatsApp again, you can do so via fingerprint scan. Of course, this only works with an Android device with the fingerprint sensor set up.

To use the new WhatsApp feature, you can simply click on the three dots in the app and then set everything up under “Settings,” “Account,” “Privacy” via the “Fingerprint Lock” function.

WhatsApp update: The first dark mode

By now, it is already available for many apps and smartphones. Now you can also use the Dark Mode with WhatsApp. All smartphone owners who have Android 10 can use the new dark design. Once Dark Mode is activated, all system menus are displayed in black instead of white.

The dark design is supposed to be easy on the eyes and is especially suitable at night or in a dark environment. This is because Dark Mode makes it easier to read content without being dazzled. In addition, the new look also looks good and brings a successful change to the usual bright design.

Those who use the dark mode on their Android device will probably already have noticed that Google has adapted most apps accordingly. Unfortunately, many third-party apps are still not adapted to it. Thanks to the new WhatsApp update, you can now also benefit from a dark WhatsApp background and colors matched to it in the Messenger service.

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Emoji keyboard also available in WhatsApp

For a long time, users of iOS devices have been able to access a brand-new emoji keyboard. However, the keyboard was only available for SMS, as well as iMessage and you can not use in the popular messenger service.

This has now changed with the new WhatsApp update. From now on, you can also use all emojis of the keyboard directly in WhatsApp.

Secret listening to voice messages

Until now, you always had to open WhatsApp first to listen to voice messages. The sender could see from the colored check marks the message had been received and listened to. The new WhatsApp update puts an end to this.

From now on, secretly listening to voice messages is also possible. From now on, you no longer have to open the WhatsApp chat but can listen to your voice messages directly in the notifications.

As already known from regular messages, these are display on the home screen. And you can open directly without the sender receiving any information about it. Just as new is that you can also send direct replies from outside. All you have to do is tap on the green arrow and reply.

Easier editing of pictures and videos

Another feature is the simpler editing of pictures and videos. From now on, there is a button in the chat that takes you directly to the image editing menu. Here you can adjust pictures and videos accordingly and don’t have to switch to the main menu first.

You have the chance to use many new editing options and then send all images or use them as statuses. If you are want to use in your PC you follow the guide WhatsApp Web with iPhone.

New fonts available in WhatsApp update

Another WhatsApp innovation also has something to do with image editing. Namely, more fonts are now available with the WhatsApp update. You can use these directly when editing images.

You have to start editing an image and click on the “T” function in the top bar to open the fonts. Here you have a whole five new fonts to choose from. However, the new feature only applies to iPhone users.

Group chats are now mute mood

Everyone knows them: group chats. Although they can sometimes be very practical and help contact several friends at the same time, most users find them rather annoying. Often, a whole flood of messages awaits you at once, as well as a notification about every new message received.

That’s why WhatsApp has long offered the option of switching such chats to “mute.” This disables notifications, but you still get a badge counter on the app icon. With the new WhatsApp update, now group chats should be deactivated. And all mute messages will only display when you open the respective chat.

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