Touchscreen Not Working: Here’s what you can do

The touchscreen is an integral part of everyday life with the smartphone. It is not only used to display content from the web or apps but also for playing games, editing photos or as a navigation device. You can find advice from us if the touchscreen not working and you want to bring the screen back to life.

touchscreen not working

All the more annoying when suddenly nothing works anymore, and the so-called freeze occurs: The touchscreen does not react anymore. Smartphone screens can do a lot. The sensitive displays are often exposed to extreme conditions such as cold, rain or dirt.

Fortunately, there is often no reason to panic if the display initially remains motionless because you can usually remedy screen malfunctions quickly. If the touchscreen freezes, several reasons come into consideration. Falls are often the cause. You can prevent this with a suitable protective cover.

Touchscreen not working?

First, check the screen of your smartphone. Most touchscreens work according to the so-called capacitive principle. Specifically, this means that highly sensitive electrodes underneath the display react to the touch of your fingers. The following sources of interference can affect the screen’s responsiveness and cause the touchscreen not to respond:

  • Grease (e.g. from hand cream)
  • Dirt and dust
  • Moisture
  • Protective foils/sleeves of poor quality

First, please check that your display is dry and free of dirt. Your fingers should also be clean, dry and free of grease. Especially if it is cold outside and your hands are in thick gloves, the screen cannot recognize your fingers and accordingly cannot execute any commands. And, the touchscreen does not respond if it does not detect any finger movements.

Try to restarting the device

The touchscreen does not respond, and you have the impression that the touchscreen is not the actual cause of the problem? Then it could be a software error. You can remedy the situation with a forced restart of the smartphone. And this is how it works:

Touchscreen not working on Apple iPhone

iPhone X/iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus: Briefly press the Volume up button. Now, press the Volume down button briefly and then press the Standby button (opposite) for about ten seconds.

iPhone7/iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold the standby button and the volume down button at the same time for about ten seconds until you see the Apple logo and the smartphone restarts.

iPhone 6s or older/iPad/iPod touch: Press the Home button and hold the Top or Side button, which usually locks your device, for about ten seconds. Wait until the Apple logo is displayed and the reboot begins.

You can read our another blog post on How to reset iPhone to factory settings.

Touchscreen not responding on Android

On many devices, briefly press and hold the power button and the Volume down (volume up on some types of devices) button and wait for your device to shut down. Pressing the power button may already be enough.

If you have a device with a removable battery, you can remove it for a short time and reinsert it after about three to five minutes. To turn your smartphone back on, press the power button or reinsert the battery before doing so.

Take a close look at your apps & their origin

Has a new app been downloaded recently? This might be the origin of the glitch. If you are concerned that it is due to a specific app, you can proceed like this: Install an update for the app if there is one available in the App Store. The touchscreen still not working? Then uninstall the app from your device and reinstall it afterwards.

If you experience problems with the display again, the app may be buggy or even incompatible with your device or its software. If you are unsure, you can research this on Google and see if other users are experiencing similar difficulties. You should remove faulty apps, so you should instead uninstall them if in doubt.

Additional tip: Faulty apps that have been paid for can usually be canceled without any problems.

Check the memory and get rid of useless data junk

If the smartphone memory is exhausted, this can affect the functionality, and the touchscreen no longer responds appropriately. When the problems occur with the screen, you should try a restart. If the display works again – at least temporarily – check your device’s memory capacity. This is how you proceed:

  • Tap Settings and select menu item Memory (Android) or iPhone Memory (iOS). Depending on the version you are using, this section may also be labeled Device Maintenance (Android), Storage & iCloud Usage (iOS) or something similar.
  • Now you can check how the memory is doing. Are there very few remaining MB available? Then you can generate storage capacity by removing data, such as the last vacation pictures – please back them up separately beforehand.
  • Usually, you can see directly below which application uses how much memory capacity. Often photos or videos lead to extreme capacity losses, as they take up a lot of space.
  • Removes content (like unimportant chat histories in WhatsApp, apps, etc.) that you no longer need.

Compare repair providers at the repair marketplace

If our tips have not brought any improvement so far and the touchscreen is still not responding, there might be a hardware fault. If the smartphone got wet or was dropped, this can cause complications with the sensitive hardware.

Unfortunately, it cannot rule out that your device has been damaged after moisture penetration or heavy falls. At the repair marketplace, you are sure to find a suitable cell phone repair shop and can compare providers for free.

Your touchscreen not working? Don’t panic; stay calm for now!

The precision work perform by a smartphone’s touchscreen is often only notice when the screen no longer works properly. But panic is often irrational. In most cases, it’s only dirt that makes it difficult for the screen’s sensitive surface to work.

You can achieve a lot with a thorough cleaning. A restart often helps as well. If the smartphone no longer responds despite these measures, you should take it in for cell phone repair. You can compare numerous cell phone repair shops at the repair marketplace and send your device conveniently, and free of charge or simply drop it off on site.

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