TCL TV Airplay Not Working – Possible Solutions

Maybe you know the problem: You want to stream music or a movie to TCL TV via your iPhone, but your Airplay doesn’t work. But that’s no reason to panic because, in many cases, this inconvenience can be solved with a few small measures. We’ll tell you how to solve if your TCL TV Airplay not working.

tcl tv airplay not working

From time to time, Airplay may not work properly. We’ll tell you some tricks you can use to fix the problem.

TCL TV Airplay Not Working: What now?

AirPlay lets you play media content like photos, videos, or music from your iPhone or iPad on other devices like TCL TV, speakers like the HomePod, or smart TVs. But especially on older Apple devices, it happens more often that Airplay does not work. Often, malfunctions occur after updates to the iOS operating system. But don’t worry, often the error can be fixed with a few simple steps.

Airplay not working on TCL TV? Do these steps.

Right away: One of the most common errors is that both devices are not connected to the same network. Maybe you disabled the Wi-Fi on your iPhone during a trip and just forgot to turn it back on, or the target device is just having trouble connecting to the Internet. Therefore, the first step should be to check the Wi-Fi connection from both devices.

If both devices are properly connected, the following tricks can help you get AirPlay working again with your TV:

  • The standard tip: Reboot your devices (iPhone, TCL TV, HomePod, etc.). You’d be surprised how many IT issues can be fixed by rebooting.
  • Check for new iOS versions. Sometimes different versions cause connectivity issues.
  • Check if AirPlay access is restricted on the receiving device. If this is the case, open the “For everyone” access. You can find the corresponding option in the settings.
  • If, contrary to expectations, nothing happens, you will have to contact Apple Support. Here, you can get in touch with experts who can investigate your problem in more detail.

TCL Roku TV Airplay not working? Connect Properly.

So first, let’s go to the settings, and I’ll show you how to turn it on or off.

  • Go to your home. Once you’re at your home, you need to go down to Settings.
  • Go all the way down to the Settings.
  • And then, from there, you need to move over to the right. Now you need to move down to the Apple Airplay home kit.
  • Now the thing is, if you don’t have this on there, go ahead and try to do a software update. Because the Roku TV just started rolling out this Airplay 2 on some of the 4k Roku TV models.
  • So, again, if you don’t have it, try to do a software update and see if it appears there. Anyway, apple airplane home kit, go ahead and click on okay on the remote.
  • You can see your current Airplay status there. You can turn it on, or you can turn it off, so make sure it’s turned on.

Connect or disconnect your TCL Roku TV.

So, you need to go ahead and connect the Airplay, basically a wire screen mirror.

  • So, slide down the top right-hand side of your iPhone.
  • You can see a screen mirror right there, go ahead and tap on that.
  • See if it finds your TCL Roku TV right there.
  • Now, go ahead and tap on that right there; give it one second. It should ask for a code there, and you can find it on your TV screen.
  • Enter the four-digit code, and click on okay.

You take note that your TV and your iPhone need to be on the same home Wi-Fi network. Because that’s what the connection is going through. So, if you want to disconnect, you can go ahead and slide down the control center. And then there you will see the name of your TV; just tap on that, and then tap on stop mirroring down there.

Conclusion: Annoying problem with simple solution

In most cases, there are small problems that cause Airplay not to work. They can often be fixed with a restart or an iOS update. If something does break, the only solution is to call Apple’s support center. If you want to know how to set up Airplay correctly, our guide has all the important details for you.

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