Signal sticker: Integrate external sticker collections into Messenger

One of the big topics of the past year was WhatsApp’s new terms of service and the mass switch of many users to other alternatives like Threema and Signal. In this article, we will explain how do you integrate external sticker collections into the Signal Messenger.

Signal Sticker

Especially the latter got such a large influx within a few days that even a week ago. The servers collapsed under the load for hours, and the Messenger was not usable. In the meantime, however, additional capacities have been made available, and everything is running like clockwork.

I also turned my back on WhatsApp just under a week ago, deleted the app, and now focus on Threema (App Store link) and Signal (App Store link). If you want to know how this came about, feel free to read my comment on this topic. With Signal on my iPhone, iPad, and Mac, I’m slowly discovering the features of the secure Messenger as well. And, have found stickers for myself over the past few days.

How to integrate external sticker collections

The Signal comes with a total of four sticker sets from the factory, which can be conveniently installed with a tap of the finger and then accessed and used via a sticker icon next to the text input field.

Unfortunately, I didn’t really like Signal’s selection, and I wondered if it wasn’t possible to install external stickers as well. Signal’s FAQ then stated that sticker sets from external sources could be loaded into Signal and also forwarded to other users via Messenger.

Baby Yoda Signal Sticker

In my research, I came across the exciting website Signal Stickers, which offers a vast selection of different sticker collections on various topics. You can also use a search function to search for keywords such as “Harry Potter,” “Star Wars,” or other topics.

Apple fans will even find a set of Steve Jobs stickers, and the Queen, Game of Thrones, Baby Yoda. Also, Donald Trump, the Beatles, Bojack Horseman, Lord Voldemort, and Gollum are also represented.

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Signal sticker: Install the external sticker

Installation is simple: open the Signal Stickers website on your iPhone in the browser and search for suitable sticker sets. A button at the top right of the screen, “+ Add to Signal,” allows you to open the sticker set directly in the Signal messenger. And you will be asked if you want to install it.

Once you’ve done so, you’ll find the sticker set to choose from next to the text entry field above the small square sticker button and can use the stickers to communicate. Stickers that you install on the iPhone are also automatically transferred to the Mac and iPad Messenger app.

The installed sets can be viewed and deleted via the “+” button in the sticker keyboard view. The installed sets can be viewed and deleted via the “+” button in the sticker keyboard view. Using the arrow next to the sets, you can also forward the sticker sets to other Signal users. The other user will receive a link to set up the collection themselves.

In addition to static sticker sets with real or cartoon images, Signal Stickers also has some animated sets. I’m particularly fond of the cute Baby Yoda collection.

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