How to revive dead batteries – Follow easy steps

revive dead batteries

If a charger doesn’t accept a deeply discharged battery, you don’t have to dispose of it. Because with a trick, you can often revive the battery by giving it a little energy. In this practical guide, we will show you how you can revive dead batteries.

revive dead batteries

Revive dead batteries – this is how it works

  • To do this, you need a power supply or other DC source that does not generate much more voltage than the battery’s rated voltage. For example, a fully charged battery of the same type is well suited.
  • Connect the negative pole of the start helper to that of the battery and complete the circuit by connecting the two positive poles.
  • It is usually sufficient to maintain the connection for only a few seconds.
  • Repeat this current surge a few times.
  • Put the battery back into the charger.
  • Now the charger can measure at least a small voltage in the battery and will start charging.
  • If it doesn’t work the first time, repeat the process.
  • If the battery has been connected to the power source for maybe a minute and the charger still won’t accept it, then it’s probably really defective or overaged.
revive batteries by connecting ports

The method of “externally charging” the power storage battery a bit so that a good quality charger will accept it works with NiCad as well as regular NiMH batteries or NiMH batteries with low self-discharge (such as Eneloop cells).

You should not use the trick only with LiPo and LiIo batteries because these cells are simply too dangerous for that. If handled incorrectly, they can explode.

Revive dead batteries of your mobile

After a certain time, the battery of your smartphone is usually gone. How you can revive dead mobile batteries, we tell you in this practical tip.

With these tips you save the battery

  • You can try to revive the battery with a 9V battery. You will also need insulating tape and two small wires to do this.
  • Connect both batteries together and tape the wires to their respective terminals.
  • Leave the device like this and wait for several minutes before putting the battery back into your smartphone.
  • Alternatively, you can also put the battery in a sealable plastic bag and store it in the freezer overnight.
  • Make sure that you do not place the bag directly on the floor when doing this. Otherwise, it can freeze solid.
  • Once you have removed the battery from the freezer, wait until it is no longer cold and then dry it thoroughly.

Often an old charger helps

If you still have an old charger at home without inherent intelligence, you can also put the problematic battery there for a few minutes. It will then make the deeply discharged battery afloat enough for the more sensitive new device to “swallow” the battery.

Only you should not leave the battery in there for hours. Because the missing or at least inadequate detection of the full charge state harms your battery.

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