Top 11 Most Reliable Motorcycle Brands in The World

most reliable motorcycle brands

What do you think, who will be the number one spot? Who’s gonna take home the crown for WireDale’s Most Reliable Motorcycle Brands? The one and only who else could it be? Let’s find out.

most reliable motorcycle brands

Imagine: You want a different motorcycle, or you are just riding a motorcycle, and you are looking for a reliable motorcycle with which you have the most minor problems. Then which brand suits you best? In this blog, we will give you the answer to this question.

Of course, no one wants a motorcycle that requires the least and least maintenance. It can cost a lot of money, and besides, you can’t ride then. This is not what you bought a motorcycle for. One motorcycle has higher maintenance costs than another. But where can you be relatively safe? Here are the top 11 currently most reliable motorcycles, based on tests, developments and experience.

11 Most Reliable and Best Motorcycle Brands

Of course, there are many more than just the 11 most reliable motorcycle brands in the world, but we would like to show you as absolute motorcycle crazy, like our top manufacturers in the industry. Every motorcycle enthusiast has their favorite manufacturer when it comes to motorcycle clothing and helmets. No matter which motorcycle manufacturer you choose at the beginning, it will, in most cases, shape your other existence as a motorcyclist.

Maybe you already know this feeling from your career as a car driver. To give you a better overview of the suitable motorcycle brands, we would not like to keep you in suspense any longer and introduce you to our best motorcycle manufacturers.

Of all motorcycle brands, the Japanese brands are said to be the most reliable. This is because the technology there is much more advanced than in other countries. This is how the following top 11 comes about:

1. Honda

The grand prize winner that will take the crown as the most reliable motorcycle brand is Honda! Today, the Honda motorcycle brand is one of the most popular brands in Japan, thanks to the founders Takeo Fujisawa and Soichiro Honda, with their first model in 1949.

honda motorcycle

The manufacturer produces the most internal combustion engines in the world and can also be called the largest motorcycle manufacturer on our round planet.

Already in 1964, the motorcycle brand was one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world. Honda bikes combine the sportiness of a Yamaha motorcycle with the long-distance capability of a Harley Davidson. In addition to scooters and all types of motorcycles, which will surely leave nothing to be desired on your part, the manufacturer also produces other vehicles for off-road use.

You will quickly notice that the bikes of the motorcycle brand Honda are a bit more expensive than the other models from the Japanese area, but one thing I can tell you, the price-performance ratio is right! So, if you are looking for a motorcycle that has sporty handling and yet is very comfortable to ride, then you should take a closer look at a motorcycle of this brand.

2. Yamaha

As one of the first founded motorcycle brands from Japan, the first Yamaha motorcycle saw the light of day in 1954. The founder Genichi Kawakami succeeded very quickly to meet his own claim, namely to build motorcycles among the best in the world. Among the first models of the manufacturer, from 1955, was the Yamaha YA-1, which began the sale of motorcycles in Japan in 1958. As early as 1960, the Yamaha motorcycle brand managed to export its first models to America.

yamaha motorcycles

With an impressive stat of only 11% of the total produced motorcycles requiring repair in the first four years of life. That’s a very small number one compared to how many motorcycles Yamaha manufacture every year. With higher production volumes come higher profits, which are reinvested in the quality control, and it’s kind of a self-perpetuating cycle.

For perspective, almost half of all BMW and Ducati models spend some time in the repair shop before their fourth birthdays. In fact, the deputy editor consumer reports Jeff Bartlett puts BMW on the list. As having a four times greater chance of mechanical failure within the first four years of ownership. That can really add up when you think about the bike’s initial cost and the increased shop prices for servicing a BMW.

Weird that you pay more out the door and later down the road, but hey. You do get pretty bad though. Overall, the brands on this list have beat out some pretty fierce competition from motorcycle manufacturers all over the world.

So, if you are looking for a two-wheeler that can give you a lot of pleasure on the road, then you should have the Yamaha motorcycle brand on your mind.

3. Suzuki

Believe it or not, in 1909, the brand was founded by Michio Suzuki to produce looms. However, in 1930, for differentiation reasons, the manufacturer decided to switch to the production of vehicles, literally.

The company finally began to focus on the production of motorcycles in the late 1950s and has not regretted its decision to this day. Since other motorcycle brands were also being launched during this time, it is all the more creditable that Suzuki did so well in the market with its motorcycles.

suzuki motorcycles

In the early 1970s, Suzuki developed the first liquid-cooled engines released about a year later in the GT750 series. Its enormous know-how has built the brand itself over half a century, and also from racing, many experiences profitably transferred into its models.

So, it is not surprising that some bikes from the brand Suzuki today are among the fastest on the motorcycle market. The style of Suzuki motorcycles is described by many motorcycle enthusiasts as uniquely graceful and aggressive. So, if you’re looking for a motorcycle that not only looks fast but is also bursting with energy, then a Suzuki motorcycle is a great choice.

4. Kawasaki

In 1896, the Kawasaki brand was founded by a man of the same name, Kawasaki Heavy. But like other manufacturers in the industry, they saw the motorcycle market for themselves much later. To be more precise, in 1949. Also, soon a subsidiary was established in the United States to meet the great demand for Kawasaki motorcycles in the United States.

In 1966, Kawasaki Motor Corp saw the light of the motorcycle world in the USA. Initially, the production of two-stroke motorcycles was carried out. However, as the motorcycle industry soon craved faster machines, the manufacturer adapted to the demand and continuously built fast motorcycles.

kawasaki ninja

Thanks to the switch to sporty models, Kawasaki was able to build a reputation for producing highly sporty motorcycles to this day. Today, there are very lovely sports motorcycles from this motorcycle brand on offer, which have even established themselves in racing. So, do you want a sporty motorcycle that is fast and low on the road? Then you should take a test ride on a Kawasaki motorcycle.

With an outstanding survey result of only 15% of their manufactured bikes requiring repairs within the first four years. Kawasaki cleanly clinched their position at number four on the top ten most reliable motorcycle brands.

5. Harley Davidson

The number five spot also goes to the beloved American sweetheart Harley Davidson. So yes, Harley Davidson is one of the best motorcycle brands on this list of most reliable motorcycle brands. In fact, 26% of Harley-Davidson’s produced every year are predicted to require some form of repair.

Now to be clear, oil changes in regularly required maintenance are not considered repairs. This means that 26% of Harley’s produced every year will experience a mechanical malfunction.

If you ask a person whether they own a bike or not, they will know the Harley Davidson brand in most cases. Since many of our employees also ride a Harley, it would have been almost an insult if we had not listed this motorcycle brand here.

harley davidson

In 1903 the company Harley Davidson was founded by Walter, William, Artur Davidson, and William S. Harley. The dream of the four young men became a reality, and they managed to build an empire. Which became more and more famous around the world. Today, the manufacturer offers many different types of motorcycles, so there is something for everyone.

Many people do not know that there are also sleek and fast motorcycles that leave the production halls of Harley Davidson. Even if you would like to ride a motorcycle in the off-road area, you can find it at this American brand.

Just imagine a biker on Route 66; you will often catch yourself imagining him on a Harley. If you are a passionate touring rider, you can also find your suitable motorcycle from this motorcycle brand. The manufacturer even has electric motorcycles in its range.

6. Victory

Bike number 6 on the list is surprisingly, or maybe it’s not surprising. Either way, it’s another American-made motorcycle, the Victory Motorcycles. Come in with 17% of their manufactured motorcycles having a mechanical failure or requiring some type of repair.

Victory Motorcycles

But since this is a list of the most reliable motorcycle brands, let’s not forget that while 17% may sound like a lot. When you look at the sheer volume of some of these companies or manufacturing. The reliability is much higher than it looks. It would be interesting to see an American manufacturer create a bike with euro-style at a Japanese price point.

But American brands don’t seem to draw the same interest other brains do a hybrid of style. And affordable price point in the number one ranking on the most reliable list that sounds pretty damn American.

7. BMW

Even today, the BMW motorcycles are produced in Germany. The motorcycle brand found its beginning in 1921. It was one of the first motorcycle manufacturers in the world with the two-engine M2B15. In addition to sporty motorcycles, the manufacturer produces particularly successful touring motorcycles.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable motorcycle, the German brand from BMW is a first-class choice. Of course, you should also be aware that this quality has its price.

8. Triumph

As early as 1902, the manufacturer Triumph produced the first motorcycles. For the Allies, the manufacturer produced over 30,000 thousand motorcycles during the period of the First and Second World Wars. Even after that, the production of Triumph motorcycles was maintained.

Triumph Rocket GT

Through the 1953 film “The Wild Ones,” in which the famous actor Marlon Brando rode a Thunderbird 6T. The brand instantly gained colossal fame. In the 1980s, John Bloor founded Triumph Motorcycles, who managed to keep Triumph among the largest motorcycle manufacturers from Great Britain. Whether you are looking for a sporty motorcycle or a comfortable touring bike, this manufacturer is sure to have a suitable and appealing motorcycle for you in its ranks.

A few years ago, Yamaha was still number 1 on the most reliable motorcycle brands list. The places 1 to 2 change among themselves often. Honda has often proved to be the best in tests, and motorcyclists are also enthusiastic about Honda. That is why this Japanese machine is now also in 1st place. Harley-Davidson owners usually ride more quietly, which is why they can last longer.

9. Dukati

In 1926 this motorcycle brand was founded by Antonio Cavalieri Ducati and his sons Bruno, Adriano and Marcello. Initially, Ducati was dedicated to conducting shortwave radio experiments. It was not until 1935 that the construction of the Borgo Panigale motorcycle factory began in central Italy.

The first real motorcycle saw the light of day at Ducati in 1949 under the name Cucciolo. Before that, the motorcycles produced previously were more like a bicycle with an engine. The bikes of this Italian motorcycle brand are more in the higher-priced segment. And are popular with motorcycle enthusiasts who place a lot of value on the appearance, high-quality workmanship and great speed.

10. KTM

In 1954, the first motorcycle of this brand saw the road. The founder, named Hans Trunkenpolz, was an Austrian engineer who ran a car repair shop in the town of Mattighofen. This company went bankrupt in 1991 and continued under the new name KTM a year later. The brand is at home in racing and still produces excellent sports motorcycles.

Among motorcycle enthusiasts, KTM motorcycles are known for the fact that they can be used to master challenging hairpin turns very well and at a fast pace. But not only the racing motorcycles of this manufacturer are among the best on the market. And the motorcycles in the off-road and dirt sector. The motorcycle brand is equally powerful when it comes to value for money. Since these bikes are also very durable and can withstand quite a bit.

11. Aprilia

In 1968 Ivano Beggio took over the company from his father, Cavaliere Alberto Beggio, who had been manufacturing bicycles with Aprilia. Ivano Beggio set about converting to the manufacture of motorcycles. Thus, with the first Aprilia motorcycle, the prototype was born. The European motorcycle manufacturer quickly crystallized as a competitor to the well-known motorcycle manufacturers from Japan.

Not without reason, even today, many established racetrack records can be attributed to the motorcycle brand Aprilia. For example, a whole 294 Grand Prix races have been won since 1975. So, if you are a biker who loves fast speeds, then you should also include the manufacturer on your list for your suitable motorcycle brand.

However, with these motorcycles, you will have less time to enjoy the beautiful landscapes. As you will quickly arrive at your destination. Today you can already find good used motorcycles or new ones at affordable prices.

Use and maintenance of a motorcycle

Not only the technology says something about the reliability of a motorcycle. Of course, this also depends on the use and regular maintenance. For example, does your motorcycle stand outside in wind and weather? Then you have to expect defects faster than if your motorcycle is always in the garage. It can sometimes make a difference.

Furthermore, it’s also a matter of bad luck if, by chance, there is something wrong with your super-reliable motorcycle. Or you might just get lucky with a very unreliable motorcycle. Whatever you choose, pick a motorcycle that suits you. Is your motorcycle not so reliable anymore, and would you actually prefer something else?

Then register your motorcycle here with us free of charge and without obligation, and we will help you find a suitable buyer. Do not forget to indicate possible defects so that you receive a fair offer for your motorcycle.

Conclusion on the most reliable motorcycle brands

Although many manufacturers and motorcycles are similar, they are completely different, and thus, each offers you a very unique riding experience. Are you more of a motorcyclist who is interested in luxurious bikes? Then take a closer look at the BMW or Ducati brands.

On the other hand, you prefer to get on a sporty machine, then you should take a closer look at the motorcycle brands KTM, Yamaha, Aprilia, Kawasaki, Suzuki and also Honda. If you prefer a more classic look, take a look at the beautiful Harley Davidson bikes.

None of these motorcycle brands appeals to you? then maybe you should start your own motorcycle brand. Who knows, maybe you will be able to build a flying motorcycle. Many of the manufacturers also have electric motorcycles in their range. So, there should be a suitable model for every motorcycle enthusiast.

Feel free to comment on which are the most reliable motorcycle brands you prefer. And why your heart beats higher for one manufacturer than for the others. If you think another manufacturer should also make it into this list. You can also let us know in a comment.

We are already looking forward to your answer and wish you a good and safe ride with your motorcycle.

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