iPhone 13: Look how much smaller the notch of the new iPhone

If you wanted further confirmation on the reduction of the notch coming with Apple’s future iPhone 13. These images would allow you to make an actual comparison with the current one. And it seems that the Cupertino company has done a really important job. 

iPhone 13 will have a much smaller notch than the current one. We had already stated it in previous news. But new images that have arrived on the internet in the last few hours have given credit. Again the fact is Apple has strongly put a hand to the front of the iPhone. And that the new version could reach the shelves completely revised at least concerns the upper notch. In this case, the latest images come from the famous leaker “DuanRui“. Who has decided to share a look at what would appear to be the new front of an Apple iPhone.

iPhone 13: Here’s how it could be done

There are three images published by the leaker on Twitter. Even if the details on their origin remain a bit unclear, you can still have a look at what should be on the new notch of the iPhone 13 coming by the end of the year from Apple. The images clearly portray ”film prototypes ” or screen protectors of future iPhones that companies are starting to create with rumors or information leaked indirectly from more or less secure sources.

Interestingly, these images compare with the iPhone 12, which shows how much Apple would have worked to minimize the space occupied by all the various sensors of the Face ID, the front camera, and above all, the ear capsule. Here, the new structure sees the displacement of the ear capsule upwards (unlike before when it was decidedly lower). And again, an approach of all the various Face ID sensors allows to reduce the space occupied by the notch. 


According to rumors, the new notch of the iPhone 13 should have a size of 5.35 mm in height, instead of 5.30 mm, and 26.80 mm in width, compared to the current 34.83. mm. So an important change for Apple users who we know has never seen the iPhone notch change since the iPhone X generation, from the first version of the iPhone with the facial unlocking of the Face ID and no longer with the Touch ID.

The advantages of a smaller notch like the one in the picture could be multiple. They could concern the possibility of having more information on the screen on both sides of the notch where currently only the battery and cellular network information are placed. In this case, it is possible that Apple may decide with the new iOS 15 to place additional icons ready to facilitate the view of information to the user.

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