Install HP printer: It’s Quick & Easy even without Cables

Install HP printer

Installing your HP printer takes just a few steps. We’ll show you the easiest way to connect and install your HP printer wirelessly to your notebook.

Install HP printer

Installing HP printers is not a complicated science. Still, it’s helpful to take a look at the Windows wireless installation steps beforehand to avoid unnecessary hassles.

Install HP printer: Preparation is half the battle

You should first make sure that all the devices needed to install your HP printer are properly wired. You will need your notebook, Wi-Fi router, and HP printer for a successful installation.

Allow driver software

But before you get started, you need to set your computer to download driver software automatically. To do this, find and open “Open Device Settings” in Windows and select the “Yes” option. Then click on Save Changes. Now the installation can begin.

Establish connection

There are several methods to establish a wireless connection between your notebook and your HP printer. We’ll introduce you to three to install HP printer.

Setup on the printer

First, turn on your HP printer and press the “Setup, Network or Wireless” button on the control panel. Then go to “Set up network.” Now your printer should show you all available networks. Tap on the name of your network. If your network is not displayed, you can enter it manually. Now enter your password. After a few seconds, your printer should connect to the network by itself.

Setup with WPS

You probably know WPS from smartphones or laptops that need to be connected to a WLAN. The same principle works for your HP printer. The prerequisite is that the printer and router support WPS.

First, press the WPS button on the printer. Release the button as soon as it flashes. Then press the WPS button on your WLAN router. If necessary, hold the button down for a few seconds until a connection is established. You should now have both devices connected.

Setup via HP wireless connection

With this installation method, you can skip entering the network name and password. First, you must install the HP software that came with your HP printer or download the appropriate software. Then follow the instructions that are displayed during the installation. Select “Network” or “Wireless/Ethernet” as the connection type, and then select the option to send your wireless settings to your HP printer automatically. You should now have a connection set up using the software.

Install the printer driver

On your notebook, open the Control Panel and click on “Devices and Printers,” then “Add Printer.” An additional window will open where you can select your printer. Follow the instructions of the driver software. Now you have installed your HP printer and connected it to your notebook.

Install HP printer: Easier than expected

In the end, we can only advise you to follow the steps to avoid unpleasant surprises. If one of the steps is not feasible, try updating your HP software. Installing HP printers is easier than you think.

If your printer ever runs out of ink, try these tricks to get some more printing done. Did you know that HP also makes mass-produced 3D printers? You can find cheap 3D printers for your home here.

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