How to Mount Speakers on wall Without Drilling Holes!

Hanging up the speakers – is it really necessary? Sometimes yes. In this article, we explained how to mount speakers on wall without drilling holes. An elevated position of the transducers above the listening position is the best solution in the home theater to create natural room acoustics. Following these steps your problem will be solved.

how to mount speakers on wall without drilling holes

If you want to use your workplace optimally, then, of course, your speakers should suit your environment and lifestyle. In many office buildings or rent homes, it is not allowed to drill holes. Often it is also just a shame. If you move something, you are left with a hole in the wall. With these methods, you will be able to solve the problem, and you can hang them without drilling.

Mount Speakers Adhesive Utility Hook

Mounting speakers with a utility hook is really simple and easy. For this, Command large utility hook is the best option, and you can install your wall without any damage. It is fantastic because it allows you to hang a hook on the wall and place a hook on the wall without using any screws. And, it can also be removed fairly easily without damaging the wall. So, let’s get right to the installation process.

Adhesive Utility Hook

It has two pieces, the hook piece and the other piece that gets mounted onto the wall. We are going to separate those two pieces, the adhesive portion, and the hook.

  • Leave the hook and stick the flat portion with sticky tape.
  • Place that portion on the wall wherever you want
  • And hold it with some pressure for about 30 seconds.
  • Take the hook and install it with the wall part.

You have the hook installed, now hang your speaker with the hook without any drilling holes on your wall.

Mount speakers with Mounting Strips

Mounting strips are a simple alternative to double-sided tape. The hanging strips from Command are double-sided adhesive strips, which are easy to attach and can be removed without damage. The Command strips are the most strong heavy duty mounting tape in the market. Not only mounting speakers, but you can also use them for any type of your mounting on the wall without any holes. Mounting with Command strips also very easy.

  • You need to peel off the strips’ sticky side
  • Hold it with your speaker
  • And place it with your wall.

You are done. This is another easiest way to mount speakers on the wall without drilling holes.

Mount speakers with mounting strips

With Mounting Tape

With double-sided mounting tape is another alternative to drilling and nailing to mountain your speakers. Great adhesive power, but sometimes with residues when removed. All you have to do is the same process as we have as the previous method.

With mounting tape

Hang up with Magnetic Mounting Tape

Magnet mounting tape can also offer a solution without a metal surface. For example, you can attach a self-adhesive magnetic tape to the wall. This way, you have a track on the wall to which you can attach documents with magnets. With self-adhesive magnetic clips, you have the option of clamping your speakers or image between 2 magnets, which you have glued to the surface. Also, magnetic frames are available with an adhesive back.

Magnetic Mounting Tape

Hope this article helps you to answer your question. Now, you know how to mount speakers on the wall without drilling holes, or any damage. Please feel free to contact with us if you have any question or any suggestion.

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