How to Find AirPods case if you’ve lost them?

Whether you’re on your way to work, late for class or going to the gym, it’s absolutely essential that you have your headphones with you. Nothing is more frustrating than losing or forgetting your headphones when you leave the house. Lets see in this article how to find AirPods case with the missing AirPods.

How to Find AirPods case

Even if you are at home, it can be quite frustrating to lose your headphones. To put it frankly, losing your headphones can end up ruining your whole day.

Things get even more complicated when you have Airpods. When Airpods were first marketed to the world, Apple fans and even non-fans made a fuss about how easy it would be for those wireless earbuds to get lost, misplaced or stolen. Fortunately, the Airpods come with a rather large and noticeable case. This usually prevents loss or misplacement. However, what happens if you end up losing your Airpods case? Probably no one warned you about this.

What happens if I lose my AirPod case?

The AirPods case doesn’t make any sound! The Airpods case is a charging case, and when you lose your case, you essentially lose your ability to charge your Airpods. This means that even if your Airpods are in your possession and working perfectly fine, they will become useless if you lose your case.

Even if your Airpods are fully charged, a lost case makes it more likely that you will lose or misplace your Airpods as well. As you can see, a lost Airpods case, can result in many worrisome situations. Airpods, while incredibly handy, are quite expensive, and if they are rendered useless by a lost case, you may be worried that you have wasted all of your money buying your Airpods.

How to find AirPods case with AirPods using your iPhone?

You may know that you can locate your Airpods by using the Find My iPhone application. With Find My iPhone, you can locate your Airpods as long as they are within Bluetooth range of any of your devices. This means that you can locate your lost Airpods at home, in your office, in your car or basically anywhere else within a distance of 10 meters. You can even use the Find My iPhone app to make your Airpods emit a sound that will only get louder with every second.

Find your Airpods Case with “Find My iPhone”

This will help you locate your Airpods at a faster rate. Find My iPhone is so advanced that it even has the ability to enable only one Airpod to make sound. This feature is quite useful if you have only lost one Airpod and have the other one in your possession. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Find My iPhone app.
  • Under your devices, select your Airpods.
  • Tap Play Sound.
  • Your Airpods will now beep for up to two minutes, if they are connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.
How to find AirPods using find my iphone

How to find AirPods case using last Location

If your AirPods no longer connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth, they are either out of range or without a battery. It only helps to determine the last location. You can also do this with the “Find My” App. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Open the Find My app.
  • Under your devices, select your Airpods.
  • The map shows the location where your Airpods were last connected to one of your devices. To do this, location sharing must be activated on this device. You can now search for your Airpods in this location.
  • If your individual Airpods are in different locations, only one Airpods will be displayed at first. If you find it, insert it into the charging case and start these instructions from the beginning.

At this point, you’re probably thinking that you can also use the Find My iPhone app to locate your Airpods case. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Your Airpods charging case does not have a speaker installed and therefore cannot emit any sound. You cannot use the Find My iPhone app to locate your lost Airpods case.

As silly as it sounds, it is best to simply retrace your steps to locate your Airpods case. This is an underrated solution, which often works. Try to remember the locations where you previously used your Airpods. Chances are your Airpods case is in one of these locations.

I still can’t find my Airpods case

If you retraced your steps and looked all over, only to find that your Airpods case was apparently missing. Then there’s no need to be alarmed. You’re probably worried that, without your case, you’re at a higher risk of losing your Airpods. While this is true, you need not worry. You won’t have to buy a few sets of Airpods to get access to a new case. You’re in luck. Apple offers a free replacement program, through which you can purchase a new replacement case. For more information, follow along below.

Use Apple’s free replacement program

You may be worried about having to buy a new set of Airpods now that your case is lost, however, this is not the case at all. You don’t have to worry about breaking your bank to buy a new set of Airpods. The crux of the matter is, as stated above, Apple offers a free replacement program for both your individual Airpods and the charging case.

Generally, the price of a replacement depends on your location. But in the U.S. it’s set at $69 per one Airpod or case. In other words, if you somehow lose both your individual Airpods and the case, you’re better off buying a new set of Airpods than going through with the free replacement program. However, if you only lose your case or even both Airpods, but that’s not the case. You should use the free replacement program to save some money. Perhaps in the future, Apple will also enable the Find My iPhone option for the Airpods case.

Can AirPods only connect to iPhone when close to the case?

Your AirPods are a Bluetooth device that allows you to connect to other devices such as your iPhone without using anything else. Today, Bluetooth has many capabilities and is able to connect from greater distances as time goes on. Your AirPods rely on Bluetooth, which means that you don’t need to be too close to the device or your iPhone to be able to connect.

You might think that your AirPods must be close to the case to connect to devices like your iPhone. Because, when you first set up your case for pairing, you must hold down the white button on the back of the case to make it discoverable to your iPhone. But the Bluetooth technology doesn’t come from the case; it’s your AirPods that are discoverable to your iPhone, which was made possible by pressing the button on the case. However, without the AirPods, if you press that button, it still wouldn’t be discoverable on your iPhone.

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Your case does not have to be near your AirPods for your AirPods to connect to your iPhone. The case is used to pair and make the AirPods discoverable and charge the AirPods when they run out of battery. You do not need the case to be near your AirPods or your iPhone, when you try to connect your AirPods.

If your iPhone has been paired with them in the past and they are on the list of Bluetooth devices. You can leave your case at home and connect your AirPods to your iPhone miles away from your home. As long as your AirPods are charged, you can connect them to compatible Bluetooth devices away from the case if they have already discovered them.

Why your AirPods won’t connect when away from the case?

There may be certain situations you’ve encountered that could lead you to believe that you need to be near your AirPods to connect to them, but it could be a coincidence.

You always forget your AirPods as a device.

If you forget your AirPods as a device every time you connect them to your iPhone. You will need the case to make them recognizable again. And, this could lead you to believe that you need to be near the case to connect to your iPhone. If you leave your AirPods as a connected device after using them, you’ll notice that the next time you try to connect to them, you won’t need to be near the case to do so.

Your AirPods ran out of battery power.

If your AirPods run out of battery as soon as you felt you weren’t near the case and didn’t know they ran out of battery. This might lead you to believe that they didn’t want to connect to your iPhone because they weren’t near the case.

You can check your iPhone battery by simply having the Battery widget on your home screen; you can do this by clicking the Edit button at the bottom of the home screen and looking for the battery. It will let you know when you have enough charge so that you can connect to your iPhone.

Your AirPods are in power saving mode.

Your AirPods may enter power saving mode when they are not in your ears or you are not playing any audio. You may not think you can connect your AirPods to your iPhone. When the two devices are not together, but it could be that they have entered power-saving mode and won’t come out due to a software glitch. Put the AirPods back in their case until they have disconnected. Then take them out again, and they should automatically connect to your iPhone.

Your AirPods can’t find your iPhone.

AirPods automatically connect to nearby devices they have connected to before. Still, for some reason, your AirPods have been unable to connect to your iPhone automatically. Which may lead you to think that it can’t connect to your iPhone when you are away from that. Do you love your AirPods? Have you already lost and recovered them? Please share with us in the comments below.

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