Check AirPods battery life on Android, iPhone & Mac

how to check airpods battery on android

The wireless in-ear headphones AirPods from Apple also work with Android. However, while the iPhone provides you with information about the charging status on request throughout use, you need a suitable app for this on Android. In this article we will explain how to check AirPods battery on Android device.

how to check airpods battery on android

With the AirBattery app, you can see the charge status of your AirPods and that of the charging cradle that goes with them. Every time you take your headphones out of the charging cradle, a pop-up window is displayed containing the corresponding information. In the paid version of the app, the advertisements disappear, and you can determine the displayed interval yourself.

How to check AirPods battery on Android

There’s an app called AirBattery that lets you see the charge level of your AirPods headphones, even on Android. Every time you connect your AirPods to your Android device, it will show you the charging status of the headphones and charging cradle.

  • To check the charging status of your AirPods on an Android smartphone, you should first download the AirBattery app from the Google Play Store.
  • After starting the app, it is first necessary to give it the required permissions.
  • As soon as you take one of the AirPods (previously paired with the Android device) out of the case, an overview appears on your display; as you may know, it is from the iPhone.
  • It shows you the charging status of both headphones on the one hand and the charging and storage tray on the other.

For a one-time fee, you can deactivate the advertising. In the paid version, you can also have the charging status of the AirPods headphones displayed at certain intervals.

How to set the AirBattery app correctly to your needs

If you tap on the gear button in the upper right-hand corner while the pop-up is displayed, you will get to the app’s settings menu. Here you can decide whether you want to see the info window when the AirPods are connected to your smartphone or not. In the free version, the app is financed by advertising.

If you opt for the paid in-app purchase of the premium version, not only do the ads disappear, you can also have the battery status displayed permanently. The same app works in a similar way with the wireless BeatsX headphones.

How to check AirPods battery life with iOS device

It is possible to check the charging status or battery level of the Apple AirPods with an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Of course, you must first pair the respective devices with Bluetooth headphones. You can check the battery status in two different ways:

  • Open the lid of the charging case when the AirPods are inside.
  • Hold the case close to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • After a few seconds, the overview of the charging levels should appear.

Alternatively, you can use the battery widget on the iOS device. This displays the battery level of the device itself as well as that of the AirPods. The capacity of the charging case is only displayed if there is at least one AirPod inside.

Check AirPods battery with your Mac

In addition to iOS, you can also check the AirPods charging status on your Mac, iMac or MacBook. To do this, pair the respective Apple computer with the headphones via Bluetooth and then go through the following steps:

  • Open the lid of the charging case and remove the AirPods from it.
  • Click on the Bluetooth symbol in the macOS menu bar.
  • Move the mouse pointer over the AirPods with the charging case.

Checking via Siri is not accurate always

If you ask Siri for “Battery status AirPods,” you will most likely not get a satisfactory answer. Instead, the voice assistant will tell you the battery status of the device you are using (such as the iPhone X) and other paired Apple devices (such as the Apple Watch).

Enjoying this article how to check airpods battery on android? If your AirPods keep disconnecting, check out AirPods keep cutting out? Here is how to fix the problem.

Show AirPods battery level on iPhone

Want to know how much battery your AirPods have left? Looking at the headphones or the charging case won’t get you anywhere because the earbuds don’t have their battery level indicator. However, there are several easy ways to display the AirPods battery level on your iPhone. We’ll show you how it works!

Show AirPods battery on iPhone

We would like to introduce you to the following three ways to display the AirPods battery status on the iPhone. It is up to you which option you would like to use. All methods work equally well and can also be used simultaneously. We will start with the simpler method of simply holding the AirPods charging case close to the iPhone.

Then we’ll show you how you can display the battery status of the Apple headphones using a widget. Last but not least, we show you how you can also use Siri for voice commands. By the way, the whole thing works the same way with all AirPods models, i.e. the AirPods Pro and AirPods of the 1st and 2nd generation.

Hold the charging case to the iPhone

  • First, make sure that you have activated the Bluetooth function on your.
  • Now open the AirPods charging case and hold it near your iPhone.
  • After a short moment, a window with the current battery status of your AirPods and the charging case will appear on the iPhone screen.

If you take a pair of headphones out of the case, the display changes, and you can see the charging status of the individual earbuds (picture on the right).

Displaying the battery status in the widget

Just like the charging status of connected Bluetooth devices, you can also display the battery status of your AirPods on your iPhone. To do this, simply drag the battery widget to your Home screen or the “Today” view (swipe the screen to the far left).

  • Press and hold the iPhone screen in an empty space – whether on the home screen or in the “Today” view.
  • Tap the plus sign at the top left and scroll down to “Batteries“.
  • Select a widget size that suits you (small, medium or large)
  • And go to “Add widget” at the bottom.

Tips: It is best to choose the 2 x 4 or the 4 x 4 widget tile, as the battery charge of your AirPods will then also be displayed as a percentage. With the small 2 x 2 widget, on the other hand, you only see the connected devices and their approximate remaining charge in a coloured circle.

As soon as an AirPod is outside the charging case, each headphone’s battery level is displayed (picture on the left). If they are in the case, you will only see a percentage figure (picture on the right). The charging case also appears here with its battery level indicator.

Ask Siri about AirPods’ battery status

Alternatively, you can ask Apple’s voice assistant Siri about the battery level of your AirPods as soon as the headphones are connected to the iPhone. When one or both AirPods are in your ears, simply say “Hey Siri” followed by the “AirPods battery level” command. Siri will then tell you the current charge level of the headphones – individually or together, depending on whether the pods are in the case or your ears – and the charging case.

How to charge them again

To keep your AirPods ready when you need them, keep them in the charging case. The charging case acts as a charging station for the AirPods. The battery is charged for three hours of use in just 15 minutes. You must first connect the charging case to a USB port with the Lightning cable to charge it. When fully charged, it gives you battery power for more than 24 hours of listening time. If you lose your AirPods case, you can read how to Find AirPods case if you’ve lost them?


You can charge the Apple AirPods at any time with the charging case, as long as it is charged or connected to a charger. But it is still practical to check the battery status of the Bluetooth headphones from time to time. If you do this with your iPhone or iPad, then the charging status of the AirPods is checked, and the battery capacity of the transport and charging case.

Do you have no problems connecting and displaying the charging status of the AirPods? We look forward to your experience report in the comments. Hope this guide on how to check airpods battery on android helps you to solve other problem as well.

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