How to charge AirPods case & How long does it take?

how to charge airpods case

Currently, there’s no need to plug the power cord into your AirPods to power them, as Apple released an AirPods Charger Case. So you can easily and efficiently charge your AirPods wirelessly. It’s an excellent piece of technology, which is what you’d expect from Apple. In this article we will explain how to charge AirPods case and how long does it take to fully charge.

how to charge airpods case

But because it’s so new, many people aren’t sure how it works and tend to ask questions. They may wonder how long it takes to charge the AirPods. We’ll answer this question and any other important questions you may have about charging your Apple AirPods. Let’s get started then.

How do I charge the AirPods charging case?

There are two methods for charging your case before using it to charge your AirPods. One of the biggest benefits of the new charging case for AirPods. And, AirPods Pro is that you can charge your AirPods and the charging case via wireless charging.

To do this, however, you will need a Qi-compatible charging mat. If you have one of these charging mats, simply place the charging case on top of the charging mat, and you’re done. You should always make sure the cover is closed on the case, and the indicator light is facing up.

If you don’t have one of these wireless charging mats, you have a second option. Which is to simply plug the power cord into your charging case to charge it.

How long does it take to fully charge an AirPods case?

If you simply want to charge the case so you can use it later to charge your AirPods. You will need about an hour to do so. This is the average amount of time it takes to charge the case. So, that the battery has the highest charge within this time.

How do I charge AirPods with a charging case?

Now your case is fully charged, you can use it to charge your AirPods battery. To do this, simply place the AirPods inside the case. Verify that the case is closed and you’re done. You can do this wherever you go. It is recommended that you place AirPods inside the case. Whenever you are not using them to ensure that you are not stuck with a dead battery.

This will keep the battery charged. That way, you’ll always have full battery life and can enjoy all the benefits of a fully charged battery. Which is the fun of your AirPods all the time. Keeping AirPods with a charging case at all times also ensures that you also have the option to charge them at all times.

How long does it take for an AirPods to charge AirPods?

An AirPods charging case is meant to charge the AirPods battery multiple times. And that means it’s also built for speed. It takes approximately twenty to thirty minutes to transform a discharged battery into a fully charged one using an AirPods charging case. That means if you’re short on time, you can quickly get your AirPods back to full and ready to go again.

How much talk time and playtime can a charging case provide?

The numbers differ slightly between standard second-generation AirPods and AirPods Pro.

When it comes to regular AirPods or AirPods Pro, a charging case provides multiple charges. Apple suggests that a case, when fully charged, can provide 24 hours of listening time. You can also get approximately 18 hours of talk time using the case to charge your AirPods.

One difference between the two is how long you can get with a single charge in the case.

For example, a fully charged the second-generation version AirPods will provide 5 hours of playback or 3 hours of talk time. This is different from the Pro version, where an EarPods charge offers 4.5 hours of playback time or 3 1/2 hours of talk time.

Another difference between the two is the fast charging feature you can use. The Pro version can be set up for 5 minutes and then provides 1 hour of listening or talk time. On the other hand, the second-generation AirPods battery works slightly differently. You’ll need to put it in for 15 minutes to get 2 hours of talk time or 3 hours of playtime. That’s a considerable amount of time to use your AirPods with a charge that only takes 15 minutes.

Can I over charge an AirPods case?

No, you can’t. Once the case battery is fully charged, it will simply stop charging, so you don’t have to worry about overcharging.

Have you lost your AirPods case? Then, you can read how to Find AirPods case.

How do I know if my AirPods are charging?

There is an indicator light on the cabinet. It lights up for eight seconds when you first connect them to the charger or place them on the mat. You should look for the green status light to know that your AirPods have reached maximum battery life. If it shows amber, it is low but will provide a full charge.

How exactly AirPods charged?

Until the AirPods are 20% charged, the charging case does not start charging.

Apple AirPods are the Bluetooth wireless headphones par excellence. Their popularity has led other manufacturers to copy them in design and features, with better or worse results. Apart from having a more than acceptable sound, what is most liked about them is that they recharge quickly and have good autonomy.

A Reddit user named “colinstalter” has been interested in the charging process of the new AirPods. He has used the normal charging case, not the wireless one, with a 5-watt adapter and a normal cable in his tests. For recording data and percentages, he has used the Battery widget.

Sound and connection quality worsens when AirPods drop below 20%

After recharging the headphones several times, “colinstalter” has come to several conclusions:

  • AirPods increase charging power for the first 3.5 minutes at 2.35 watts (0.46A / 5.1V).
  • The headphones need 30 minutes to fully charge when they have no battery at all.
  • Charging cases and AirPods without batteries need two hours to fully recharge.
  • Charging case waits to charge until AirPods achieve 20% charge
  • AirPods and charging case never exceed 2.5 watts when recharging

As iDownloadBlog comments, the charging case demands additional power for 3-4 minutes each opening the lid. This could be because it goes into some low power mode from which it wakes up when the lid is opened.

The charging case has a capacity of 1,520 mWh, and each earpiece is about 93 mWh, for a total of 1,706 mWh. If we have fast-charging adapters, we will be able to use them with these headphones. However, they will not recharge their battery any faster because of this, as the case does not draw any more power than necessary. Most likely, it has some kind of energy limit.


That’s it. Now you know how to charge AirPods with a case, how long it takes to charge, and all the important information about battery life. The case is a great way to keep your AirPods charged while travelling.

If you put them in the case when you’re not using them, you’ll never have to worry about a dead battery. But even if you’re caught off guard, you can still put them in the case. Regardless of the version of AirPods, they will be able to provide ample listening or talk time in minutes. If you are having connecting or sound issues, have a look at AirPods keep cutting out? Check out how to fix!

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