iOS 14 explains: Hide app library & home screen

hide app library ios 14

When a new operating system is released, there is a lot of new stuff to discover. We also always find new features and options. Today I would like to talk about two topics: One is the new app media library and the option to hide app library and home screen on iOS 14.

hide app library ios 14

The new App Library on the Home screen organizes all your apps into a simple, easy-to-navigate view. Apps are sorted by category, and the apps you use most often are just a tap away.

Hide app library on iOS 14

I spent a few hours pushing hundreds of apps into the app library over the weekend. From now on, I’ll collect all the apps here that I use relatively rarely but would still like to have installed.

This means I no longer clutter my home screen with apps and folders but can simply move the rarely used apps into the app library.

The apps are automatically sorted by category in the library, and the four most-used apps are displayed directly. You can display all apps in the same categories with a click on the folder.

You can also easily search for apps in the library, and the apps in the library are also included in the conventional iOS search. Furthermore, you can move the app from the library back to the home screen or delete it completely.

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Show and hide pages on the home screen

After pushing numerous apps to the media library with many clicks, I realized that I could have used another feature. With iOS 14, you can conveniently hide individual home screen pages. If you already use a home screen as storage, you can simply hide it.

Activate the “Jiggle Mode,” i.e., go into the edit mode where you can move and delete apps. Then click on the dots at the bottom of the screen, which indicate that several home screen pages are available. Now you can easily hide single or multiple pages.

ios 14 jiggle mode

Of course, you can undo this action at any time. The apps remain, and the arrangement of the corresponding pages is also saved – you only hide them.

For example, you could create a complete home screen page with the topic “Travel” and only activate it when needed.

Home screen without apps possible

With iOS 14, you can present your home screen as very tidy because you can remove all apps. Thus, only the dock is displayed on the bottom.

ios 14 homescreen without apps

You have to decide for yourself whether this makes sense. I just wanted to point out that it works.

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