Good Notes 5: The note app currently only $3.99 instead of $7.99

You have surely noticed it: Notability is switched to a subscription and has received a lot of criticism for it because it was switched existing customers to the free tariff in November 2022. It would be fair if existing customers could at least continue to use all the features they have purchased so far. Lets see the best Notability alternative Good Notes apps store.

good notes

This is actually how it should be, because according to the App Store guidelines, “it should not take the functions for which users have already paid away. It remains to be seen whether Notability will give in on this.

But if the Notability team has already lost all chances with you, you can take a look at Good Notes ( App Store link ). In keeping with the ongoing discussion, the alternative note app is still available as a one-time purchase – and you currently only pay $7.99.

With almost 48,000 reviews, it has an average of 4.8 stars. We do not have an exact feature comparison up our sleeve, but if you are looking for an alternative, you can now buy it at a reduced price.

The functions of Good Notes

Create, import and edit documents on your Mac

  • Create digital notebooks, enter text with the keyboard, or write and draw with mouse/trackpad or Apple Pencil while using Sidecar on iPad.
  • Import PDF files and images and annotate them in GoodNotes.
  • Drag and drop documents from Mac to existing GoodNotes notebooks.

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Paperless document management

  • Store documents in folders with any number of subfolders.
  • Mark the most important documents, pages and folders as favorites for quick access.
  • Create custom outlines to navigate between your documents more efficiently.
  • Drag and drop documents or pages to instantly export them as PDF files.

Keep all your notes with you.

  • Sync the latest changes you’ve made on iPad, iPhone, or another Mac via iCloud.
  • Create documents on your Mac and retrieve them on another device to work on them continuously.

Do more than regular paper.

  • Move and rotate handwritten text or change its size and color.
  • Draw perfect shapes and lines with the geometry tool.
  • Reliable and clever eraser: erase the entire stroke or just parts of it. With “Erase highlighter only”, the ink is preserved.
  • Navigate through imported PDF files using existing hyperlinks.
‎GoodNotes 5
‎GoodNotes 5

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