Change alarm volume on iPhone & Wake up more gently!

The alarm clock function is part of the basic equipment of a cell phone. Are you regularly startled in the morning because the alarm volume on your iPhone is set too loud? Here’s how you change the alarm volume on your iPhone.

how to change alarm volume on iphone

A too quiet and a too loud alarm clock can become a problem. If the alarm sounds too loud, the morning alarm becomes a shock. However, if the alarm clock rings too quietly or your cell phone merely vibrates in the morning, you may not be able to get up at all. We’ll explain how you can change the alarm volume on your iPhone.

How to change alarm volume on iPhone?

In the alarm clock app, you can only manage settings for the alarm time, alarm tone, and repeats. You won’t find this option in the Clock app. You can adjust the volume level in the general sound changes.

To set the alarm volume on the iPhone, you need a detour. To change your alarm volume on your iPhone, do the following:

  • Open the “Settings” on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to the “Sounds & Haptics” option.
  • Under “Ring and notification tones” you will find a slider.
  • If you slide it to the right, your ringtone volume will increase.
  • At the same time, you adjust the alarm volume on your iPhone.

But be careful: This volume not only rings your alarm clock but also signals incoming calls and messages. So, take your time to decide how loud you want the sound to be and adjust it if necessary.

Unfortunately, it will not play your alarm clock at the adjusted volume. You can now test it in the alarm clock app by opening the respective installation’s edit function. If you want to change your alarm volume on the iPhone, make sure that it is quiet enough.

Change alarm volume on iPhone via buttons

With the function Change with buttons, you can activate that you can change the alarm volume via the volume up and volume down buttons instead of the settings. This is useful if you want to have varying volumes for alarms, calls, etc. Then you can quickly switch back and forth.

However, if you are satisfied with one volume, this setting will be annoying because it is sometimes switched by mistake. So, flip the little switch depending on your preference.

If you can barely hear the alarm clock

You have now set the alarm clock louder. Still, you can barely hear your phone when it goes off again? If this is the case, there may be another problem. You can try various things to increase your alarm volume.

First of all, you may have yet to set the right alarm sound, or you may not have set any sound at all. There is actually an option to set “None” as the alarm tone. Then you won’t hear any sound, but only the vibration. So, select a melodic alarm clock in the alarm clock editing:

  • Open the Alarm Clock app.
  • Tap on “Edit” in the upper left corner and then select any alarm clock.
  • Then select one of the many alarm tones to adjust the alarm volume on your iPhone.

Do you often use headphones or speakers with your phone? In this case, the sound devices may also be connected to your smartphone when the alarm goes off. As a result, the alarm will not ring through your phone but through the connected speaker. If the speaker is set to a low volume, the alarm will ring at a low volume. So, disconnect all Bluetooth devices from your phone to hear your alarm clock at full volume.

Adjust volume on iPhone via third-party apps

The selected volume is used for the set alarm time as well as for incoming calls, music, and other sound playbacks on the iPhone. There is no separate setting for the iOS alarm clock.

You have to use an alternative app to set the sound independently from the rest of the iPhone’s sound options. We show you three good alarm clock apps that can do more than the iPhone alarm clock. If you want to be accompanied to sleep by cozy music, we also show you how to set up a sleep timer on the iPhone.

‎Alarm Clock
‎Alarm Clock
Developer: j labs
Price: Free+

Simply change alarm clock volume on iPhone

As you can see, there are some tricks you should know when it comes to changing the alarm clock volume on iPhone. If you apply the instructions above and the following tricks, you should always hear your alarm clock at your adjusted volume in the future. You might also find these alarm clock apps helpful, which are guaranteed to get you out of the box. Alternatively, you can also switch to these creative alarm clock gadgets.

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