Best Floor Standing Speakers for music in 2022

Floor standing speakers are recommended for large rooms. They deliver powerful bass and come with several drivers for a wide-band sound image. In this guide, we will show you the best floor standing speakers currently on the market.

best floor standing speakers for music in 2022

Do you want to improve the sound of your favorite music and enjoy your favorite series on TV with full sound? Then floor standing speakers are your right choice. They use the vertical space, require little space, and guarantee comprehensive listening pleasure. Get to know different types from this segment. We took a closer look at the best floor standing speakers here. Learn more about the results of our research.

The 3 best floor standing speakers in a list

Polk Audio
T50 150 Watt
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3x 6.5″ Woofer
6Ω Impedance
SSCS3 3-Way
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2x 5.12″ Woofer
6Ω Impedance
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2x 8″ Woofer
8Ω Impedance

1. Polk Audio T50 floor standing speaker with easy setup

The T-Series is Polk’s entry-level offering for those who love movies and series but do not want to invest thousands of dollars in floor standing speakers. Polk Audio T50 speakers offer you a great design and excellent build for a small price. The floor standing speaker with three integrated drivers is suitable as the center of the stereo system and as part of the surround system in small to medium-sized rooms.

The sound of the floor standing speakers is bright and clear. The Polk Audio T50 floor standing speakers comes with two 6.5″ main bass radiators, one  a 6.5″ driver and a 1″ tweeter. Overall frequency range 38Hz-24kHz and 150-watts of peak power produce tight and defined bass – though most wouldn’t necessarily call them heavy.

Thanks to the neutral MDF cabinet in a dark wood look, the speaker fits wonderfully into any room. Of course, the reasonable price of these floor standing speakers is particularly advantageous. Unfortunately, the floor standing speakers are only available in black. We would like to see several variants.

Home theater system: The floor standing speakers come into their own particularly well in a home theater system. If you want enough sound but do not want to invest a lot of money, this speaker is the best choice.

2. Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor Standing Speaker

The idea behind Sony’s SS-CS3 stereo speakers is to provide high-resolution sound at an affordable price. Their super tweeters extend the frequency response and offer mid-range clarity that is hard to find for under $150. Whether or not high-resolution audio achieves mainstream appeal is still an open question, but if you are an audiophile on a tight budget, this is one of the best floor standing speakers.

Sony SS-CS3 comes with a 19-mm fabric dome super tweeter, 1-inch fabric dome tweeter, 5.12-inch dual woofers with the dimensions of 13.1 x 7 x 8.6 inches, and it weighs 25 lbs. What is unique about this speaker is the super tweeter, but also the foam mica woofer cone. Seeing this material in a woofer cone is unusual, but it’s still light and rigid – just like a woofer cone should be. Even though the grilles are attached with traditional grommets instead of magnets, the speakers look great.

Its real strength is voice reproduction. Its weak point is that the 5.12-inch woofer doesn’t give off much bass. The overall sound was excellent and full, even on non-vocal recordings, but the treble seemed comparatively unrefined. If you want a fuller sound with more bass, buy a subwoofer.

The SS-CS3 is one of the softest sounding speakers you can buy for under $150. It can compete with many decent pairs of $200 floor standing speakers, although most of them have a 6.5-inch woofer and an extra 10 or 20 hertz of bass. If you want a $150 pair of speakers for light pop, jazz, folk, or classical, the Sony SS-CS5 is an excellent choice.

3. Polk Monitor XT60 Tower Speaker

Next up is the Polk Monitor XT60 Tower Speaker, produced by Polk Audio. Polk Audio has introduced a new range of speakers designed for those looking to set up a home theater without spending a fortune. In the Polk Audio Monitor XT series, we find two tower models (XT60 and XT70). All of them with a very tight price, with which we can assemble a complete home theater system without going broke.

The Polk Audio XT60 floor standing speaker features a 3-way system with a 1-inch tweeter, a 6.5-inch dynamically balanced woofer, and two 6.5-inch passive radiators woofers for a high sound level and a wide frequency spectrum. The new Polk Audio speakers are Hi-Res Audio certified and, logically, are compatible with Dolby Atmos.

At the moment the new range is only available in black. All speakers feature the same type of drivers and filters, which allows them to offer the same sound timbre in all speakers that are part of the system.

In terms of price, these speakers are more in the lower range. However, if you want to use the device several times at once, you will have to purchase the speakers individually in the desired quantity. The new Polk Audio Monitor XT60 will be one of the best floor standing speakers on the market in 2021.

4. Klipsch RP-8000F Reference Premiere

Listening music with quality speakers is a truly unique experience. With the Klipsch RP-8000F, despite the presence of 8″ woofers, it is not the depth of the bass that surprises, but the width of the treble and its extreme precision. This makes it possible to distinguish, for example, the sound of strings from that of wind instruments.

Klipsch is one of the best brands on the market, and you can’t put together a list of the best floor standing speakers without it. Their RP-8000F manages to enhance their stellar reputation.

There is no denying the fact more complex the sound, the more the Klipsch RP-8000F loudspeaker stands out. If you decide to apply these floor-standing speakers to a home theater, you will realize their potential: hissing breath during a movie or rustling fabric will reach your ear realistically and vividly.

If you decide to turn up the volume to maximum, you’ll notice right away that these speakers don’t seem to fatigue, and you can feel the deep bass clearly. To place the Klipsch RP-8000F among the best Hi-Fi floor standing speakers, first of all, the Hybrid Tractional Horn technology, patented by the same American brand, is used, which ensures the convergence of high-frequency energy from the speakers to the listener. There is no sound bounce, so the music is detailed and very clear.

There is the Horn Anatomy, a compressed silicon membrane that acts as a mechanical filter to protect the tweeters from damage. The two-way speakers are at 150-Watts and have an impedance of 8 ohms, while the sensitivity is 98 dB. The ceramic metal woofers are 2, protected by copper wires, with a diameter of 203.20 mm, while the tweeter, in Tractrix Horn, has the shape of a horn with a diameter of 25.40 mm.

Read the full review of Klipsch RP-8000F

5. Q Acoustics 3050i Floorstanding Speaker Pair

The best floor standing speakers for impressive, detailed sound with exclusive technologies, great power and extension. The Q Acoustic 3050i are among the best professional loudspeakers and feature a number of innovations that enhance, both aesthetically and in terms of performance, the brand’s 3000 series, guaranteeing truly exceptional sound.

This result is possible thanks to the combination of HPE and P2P technologies: the former converts pressure into speed, reducing resonance inside the cabinet; the latter, on the other hand, acts as a reinforcement of the structure. The result is a very precise and well-focused sound.

They are recommended for audiophiles looking for the best passive speakers for pure, tone-free sound. The Q Acoustic 3050i loudspeakers are designed to immerse the listener in an atmosphere similar to a live event.

This is achieved by the cabinet structure, designed to make every nuance of the sound audible without interference. For the 22 mm tweeters, a decoupling system is used to eliminate the vibrations produced by the woofer. The bass units are 2 by 165 mm with a nominal impedance of 6 Ω. Sensitivity reaches 91 dB, while the recommended amplifier power is 25 – 180w.

6. KEF Q550 Floorstanding Speaker

Vintage floor standing speakers with remarkable performance for the stereo system. The KEF Q550 floor standing speakers, manufactured by the prestigious British brand, are a pair of high-performance speakers with well-controlled bass and tweeters of extreme clarity.

A Uni-Q driver, exclusive to KEF, and two Reflex ABR, along with a 130 mm aluminum woofer, characterize this speaker designed for those looking for performance, technology and acoustic quality. They are the best speakers for modern environments with a minimalist taste: the finishes available in black and white are a far cry from the old floor standing speakers.

The KEF Q550 are 2.5-way speakers; they have a mechanical reflex and two passive radiators. The Uni-Q Array driver has been patented by KEF, obtaining several awards worldwide, including the EISA 2018-2019 award. The 25 mm tweeters correspond to a 130 mm woofer, a 130 mm midrange, and 130 mm ABR aluminum passive radiators.

There are Z-Flex suspensions to dampen angular dispersion and improve sound linearity, which allow you to hear the sound better from anywhere in the room. The KEF Q550 speakers also feature the Tangerine front wave-guide, which prevents angular dispersion.

7. Klipsch Reference R-26FA Dolby Atmos

Speaker manufacturer Klipsch is bringing 3D sound to your home theater. The Klipsch R-26FA floor standing speaker, like its big brother RP-280FA, enables an impactful 360-degree Dolby Atmos listening experience through its novel speaker technology. High-performance drivers and controlled directivity are integral to Klipsch’s acoustic design principle.

The Reference series is now expanded by two models with two up-firing Dolby Atmos speakers. The high-performance speakers are available now in “Black Industrial Design.”

The R-26FA floor standing speakers come with an up-firing ceiling reflection speaker. The unit price is around $650. This R-26FA matches the design of the floor-standing speaker RP-260F and expands it with Dolby Atmos sound.

The R-26FA currently has more than 200 positive customer reviews with an average of 4.9 stars rating. And, number 2 best seller ranking in the best Floor standing Speakers category on Amazon.

8. ELAC Debut 2.0 F6.2 Floorstanding Speaker

The Elac Debut 2.0 F6.2 is one of the best hi-fi floor standing speakers with slim design with uniform and balanced sound. ELAC speakers are among the best speakers for classical music; if combined with a quality Hi-Fi amplifier, they will accompany you for years, listening to your favorite albums.

Among the best speakers for the home are these ELAC floor standing speakers, which represent the new generation of the DEBUT series. Ample space is given mainly to the treble, although the bass continues to improve compared to the previous version. They can be placed in a living room, a music room or a TV room. Thanks to their slim design, they find a place in elegant and contemporary homes and modern and youthful environments.

The qualities that characterize ELAC’s 2.0 DEBUT line are, first of all, the woofers designed to improve damping and rigidity. These elements are also enhanced by the cabinet, reinforced inside and larger than the previous ones.

The speakers also have a new tweeter mounted inside a flange that ensures greater overall dispersion. The 3-way, bass-reflex, floor standing speakers have a nominal impedance of 6 Ohm, while the frequency response is 39 Hz – 35,000 Hz.

Peak power is 140 watts enclosed in a brushed black MDF cabinet, which replicates the look of vinyl. The single tweeter is very powerful and is accompanied by a triple 6-1/2″ aramid silk fiber aramid woofer. Each speaker has elevated off the ground thanks to the presence of minimal feet. The dimensions, 7.69″ x 43.18″ x 10.55″, are absolutely slim.

9. Klipsch RP-280F Reference Premiere

The RP-280F plays loud, powerful, and emotional. Delicate listeners may find the high-frequency range a bit too demanding – and those who place the highest value on the maximum resolution may not necessarily be the target group of the Reference Premiere portfolio. At a market price of $650. They offer a top-level and dynamic performance, which is unparalleled in this price range.

Sticking to successful concepts: Klipsch also presents a conservative speaker with the top model of the new Reference Premiere series, which is most likely to make a man’s heart beat faster. But it’s not only on the outside that the US speaker manufacturer relies on proven virtues. Acoustically, the floor standing speaker impresses with excellent dynamics and sovereign level stability. The bottom end is very powerful and rather round, but the precision suffers slightly from the powerful foundation. 

As you would expect, the technical specifications of the RP-280F take it up a notch. With an excellent efficiency of 98 dB, realized by the very efficient Cerametallic woofers and the 1″ Tractrix horn, the Klipsch speakers reach a frequency range of 32 to 25 kHz and can be loaded with 600 watts maximum for a short time. The crossover frequency of the 2-way design is 1750 Hz. The dimensions are 109.4 x 26.8 x 46.5 cm (HxWxD) with a weight of about 28 kg.

10. Polk Audio Signature Series S55 Floor Standing Speaker

Polk Audio T50 speakers offer you a great design and excellent build for a small price. The speaker is suitable both as the center of the stereo system and as part of the surround system in small to medium-sized rooms. The S55 is also convincing in stereo mode, even without a subwoofer, which they don’t really need here.

The floor standing speaker comes with two 6.5″ drivers and one 1″ Terylene tweeter integrated drivers, delivers detailed highs, and realistic vocals with deeper bass. The frequency range is 32Hz to 40kHz, it’s clear that Polk Audio has set its sights high with this model.

The bass is tight and powerful. Even a placement close to the wall does not inflate it unduly. It comes across as natural, with character and firmly delineated, the instruments play credibly alongside her.

The Polk Signature Series S55 speaker produces a well-balanced, high efficiency, and low coloration sound. The overall package is right and makes long home cinema evenings a pleasure for manageable money.

11. Dali Oberon 5 Floor standing Speaker

The Dali Oberon 5 are the best vintage speakers and represent a brilliant answer for those who want to install speakers at home to listen to music with a clean and expressive sound. The best vintage floor standing loudspeakers with entry level to use Oberon’s SMC technology, great expressiveness and maximum detail, and eye-catching design.

The Oberon 5 results from very careful engineering work and considerable design improvements compared to other Dali speakers. The price/performance ratio is more than advantageous.

The cabinet, made of MDF, has horizontal bracing elements that guarantee the elimination of possible vibrations or resonances on long walls. The reduced dimensions, equal to 83 cm by 16 cm, allow the Dali Oberon 5 to fit perfectly into the room in which it is placed, blending in with the furnishings without standing out too much. The available colors, black or ash white, or dark walnut and light oak, are reminiscent of antique floor-standing speakers.

Included in the cabinet are two 130-mm mid-bass speakers accompanying a 29-mm dome tweeter. The woofers are equipped with Oberon’s patented SMC disc, a cellulose membrane combined with wood fiber.

A similar combination achieves increased stiffness at the expense of resonance. The sensitivity of the three drivers is 88 dB, while the impedance is 6 ohms. The Oberon 5s have great rhythmic precision and lend themselves to the most dynamic musicality, perfectly sustain the treble, and at the same time do not disappoint in the bass.

12. Yamaha Audio NS-F150 Floor Standing Speaker

The best stereo speakers with overwhelming bass for movies and cinema. Perfect for home theater, Excellent power of 180-Watts. Yamaha NS-F150 speakers deliver powerful bass and expressive sound. They are 2-way, 3-driver speakers with a remarkable height of up to 40.5 inches. They are born for the best movie audio performance but can still be used for music listening, although without optimized results for this purpose.

What sets these speakers apart from other modern floor standing speakers is their size. The height of the speakers is close to one meter, and their weight is around 24.7 lbs. The edges of the enclosures are rounded to reduce diffraction, resulting in more details and a very pleasant sound experience when listening to music or watching movies.

The Yamaha has thought of one type of finish: black, which still allows a glimpse of the wood grain and is perfect for young and modern environments; and walnut, suitable for a more classic and elegant taste, which goes perfectly with sophisticated furniture choices.

The NS-F150’s cabinet is rounded to dampen diffractions, which can potentially reproduce an uncertain sound. This eliminates listening fatigue. The result is an aesthetically elegant speaker in which even the front grille, which encloses the drivers, matches any type of home theater.

The rather bulky cabinet measures 14.3 (D) x 7.9 (H)  x 40.5 (H) inches. It contains a 6.5 inches dual cone woofer and a 1 inch soft dome tweeter. The high-efficiency enclosures provide a very clear and crisp sound. Whether purchasing the speakers is to listen to music or watch TV shows, the sound is worth the actual price.

13. Klipsch R-620F with Tractrix Horn Technology

The Klipsch R-620F are among the best hi-fi floor standing speakers for their sound quality and performance. They enrich our home theater system with impressive and accurate front sound, and they are excellent for stereo music listening. For those putting together a home theater system, of course, we recommend them in combination with other items of the same brand to match both in sound and appearance.

These two-way speakers have a lightweight aluminum Tractrix-type tweeter for accurate and detailed high frequencies and two 6″ woofers that create natural, full-bodied sounds. The bass reflex port is located at the rear, so it must be installed at a distance from the wall to avoid returns. The quality of the MDF wood in the speaker cabinet contributes to the sound quality, and the speaker body causes no sound disturbance.

The frequency response is 38-21,000 Hz, so they cover the low frequencies well, without the need to add a subwoofer unless you decide to boost the bass more for watching movies like movies, but for Hi-Fi music, these two passive speakers are sufficient.

They can handle 100 watts RMS power (400 watts peak) at 8 ohms impedance and have a sensitivity of 96dB. These highly efficient passive speakers will fill a medium-size living room nicely and will be the only front speakers you will buy for a long, long time.

14. JBL Arena 170 White 2-Way 7-Inch

After winning the EISA award for 2015-2016 for the best value for money, JBL is replacing the Arena 100 series with the Arena 170 series. At first glance, the JBL Arena 170 floor standing speakers feature extremely conventional styling, clearly distinguishing themselves from all those models that make the brand instantly recognizable.

These JBL floor standing speakers feature side panels with rounded edges and good attention to detail in black and white. If you’re looking for rock music speakers, JBL’s Arena 180s won’t disappoint.

At the front, the drivers can be covered with a fabric grille provided by JBL. There are 3 drivers: the 1-inch tweeter on top and two mid-range woofers of 7 inches each. The woofers are poly-cellulose, with a frequency set at 2.1 kilohertz. The expected frequency range for the Arena 180 is 39 Hz to 40 kHz, with an impedance of 8 Ohm and a sensitivity of 88 dB.

If you listen to music with the JBL Arena 170, you will immediately notice that these are great and very entertaining speakers. These speakers are perfect for listening to metal, rock, and blues, all energetic and loud music. In particular, the bass is very deep and well defined.

The same cannot be said for musical styles such as jazz or classical music: in this case, the Arena 170 lacks a certain finesse and precision in the return of details.

Good performance, thanks to 6 ohms impedance and 89 dB sensitivity. Frequency response is between 43 Hz and 26 kHz, while rated power is 80 W, with a maximum input power of 240 W. If you are looking for great speakers for the living room, Yamaha NSF51 will be a smart choice.

Hope you are enjoying this guide on best floor standing speakers. You can find out the best cat ear Headphones for Kids and Adults, in this article.

What is floor standing speaker and how does it work?

Floor standing speakers are speakers that you can store standing on the floor. Floor standing speakers are also often called free-standing or tower speakers. They are narrow, long, fill the vertical space completely, and require little floor space. They find their place next to the bookshelf or your TV.

The floor-standing speaker converts electrical vibrations into acoustic vibrations that we humans can perceive. When the speaker receives an electrical audio signal, it travels to the voice coil. In high-quality loudspeakers are designed to be particularly solid so that high currents can be handled without problems.

The voice coil sits in a magnet, which can vary in size depending on the frequency range. Since the bass range requires the most power, the magnets are largest here. The voice coil is also attached to the speaker cone. The magnetic fields of the voice coil and the magnet influence each other.

The loudspeaker diaphragm is moved at the rate dictated by the electrical signal. This causes the air to vibrate. The eardrum of our hearing perceives this as music.

What types of floor standing speakers are there?

Floor standing speakers consist of a cabinet and a visible chassis on which the diaphragms vibrate to transmit sound. Decisive for a good sound is, in addition to the choice of the material of the cabinet, the chassis.

The production of sound takes place inside the chassis. This is where the conversion of electrical signals into audible sound waves takes place. Incoming signals are converted into vibrations and transmitted to the outside.

Dynamic loudspeaker

The dynamic loudspeaker consists of a power line wound into a coil directly connected to the diaphragm. A magnetic field is created that follows the beat of the impulses and often varies the directions of the signal. The permanent magnet around the coil produces vibrations transmitted to the diaphragm; this creates sound waves that are perceived by the ear as sound.

Electrostatic Box

Electrostatic box does not use a diaphragm for transmission, but bands of aluminum, magnetostatic foil, magnets, and electronic signals produce the vibrations. Diaphragms of larger electrostatic boxes are usually made of plastic and conductor materials, which run as tracks on the diaphragm and convert the electrical signals into sound waves.

Electrostatic speakers transmit sound to magnetostatic via vibrations. This allows higher frequencies to be reached particularly well.

Active and passive loudspeakers

Passive speakers are connected to an amplifier, where the crossover of the box is distributed to high, medium, and low tones. Active speakers have an amplifier integrated into the speaker. The signal is also routed through a preamplifier, while the volume is automatically adjusted to the amplifier.

How do I recognize good floor standing speakers?

Thanks to the large volume, such speakers produce far more powerful bass and more delicate bass than most other speakers. Good speakers are convinced with a high performance, an appealing design, and as many connection options as possible. In addition, sound quality is always the focus. If you inform yourself accordingly before buying, you will get the optimal complement to an existing home system.

A distinction is mainly made between active and passive floor standing speakers. Apart from that, there are also some variants with wireless functions. When buying a floor standing speaker, it is important to make sure it fits with an existing amplifier. There is also the question of whether speakers with a subwoofer should be purchased or whether such a subwoofer is already available. Furthermore, the choice of the right model also depends on the purpose.

The sound quality is probably the most important criterion for any floor standing speaker. What to consider and which points also play a role in the purchase, you will learn here.

Highs for classical music, powerful bass for electronic music

The sound quality determines how well music and other content sounds. You pay attention to pure volume and the coverage of a broad sound spectrum. The more tones a floor standing speaker can reproduce, the better. Whether the focus is on bass, midrange or treble, however, is a matter of taste. Electronic music usually benefits from powerful basses, while trebles are more prominent in classical music and rock.

Performance is essential for speakers with amplifiers.

The higher the power of a pair of floor standing speakers, the louder the music will sound from them. This is especially important for floor standing speakers with amplifiers. On the other hand, passive floor standing speakers ensure that floor standing speakers match an existing amplifier. The wattage, as well as impedance in ohms, should also be compatible. However, the pure wattage is only an indication and not a guarantee of high output power.

Design adaptable to your wishes

Unlike compact systems, floor standing speakers are a big part of the furnishings in an apartment. For this reason, it is advisable not to neglect appearance. There is a wide range of designs, including models made of wood or metal. There is no blanket recommendation here as to which speakers are the best. Instead, it depends on your personal preferences.

Wired or via Bluetooth and WLAN

Not every floor standing speaker relies on standardized connections. Some manufacturers use proprietary solutions. This has the advantage of a simple connection, but sometimes compatibility with all existing devices is not ensured. In any case, when buying, make sure that floor standing speakers work with your equipment. Some speakers also support wireless technologies such as Bluetooth or WLAN.

Does space matter in your home?

Floor-standing speakers are available in a variety of different sizes. Which one is right for you depends on several factors. If space doesn’t matter, very large versions are not a wrong choice. This will give you the best sound results, and you won’t be making any compromises. For smaller rooms, compact floor-standing speakers are well suited. In many cases, these also deliver excellent sound but are sometimes significantly smaller and lighter than high-end equipment.

Which floor standing speaker suits me?

Passive floor standing speakers for sound gourmets

No amplifier integrated into a loudspeaker can match the quality and performance of the best external devices. For this reason, audiophiles have relied on passive floor standing speakers to this day.

Do you prefer to listen to music from a CD player or a record player with your loudspeakers? Then passive floor standing speakers are always a good choice. Thanks to the enormous selection of models, you can also adjust the sound to your individual preferences down to the last detail.

Active floor standing speakers for everyday use

If you have somewhat lower demands on the sound, you will also be very satisfied with active floor standing speakers. Although there are not quite as fine adjustment options here, you do not need any additional equipment for operation. So if comfort is your priority, active floor-standing speakers are worth a recommendation. The sound is still on a high level here.

Wireless floor standing speakers for smartphone fans

Do you not use a dedicated player for listening to music but prefer to fall back on your smartphone? Then wireless speakers are just the thing for you. You simply connect them to a power outlet and can then conveniently transfer content via Bluetooth. This makes it easy to integrate the speakers, as only one cable is needed for operation. Some models can even be integrated into the home network via WLAN.

5.1 floor-standing speakers for the home theater

If you like to enjoy movies and series with your speakers frequently, there’s hardly any way around 5.1 floor-standing speakers. The somewhat more complex installation is rewarded with a very intense experience. With surround sound, you also perceive things that happen away from the screen. This increases the immersion enormously. Thanks to the additional subwoofer, you can enjoy powerful basses. This makes a big difference, not least with electronic music.

Purchase criteria for the best floor standing speakers in 2022

In the following, we show you the most important buying criteria for the best floor standing speakers. Based on these criteria, you can better compare individual models with each other and thus find the best floor standing speaker for you.

Room size

A floor standing speaker is optimal for large rooms with plenty of space. Place your floor standing speakers at least 3.5 meters away, then the sound will unfold most effectively in your room.


Pay attention to the RMS power and the nominal power. They reflect the sound power in watts. They are the result of the electrical energy and the speaker efficiency. The higher the rating, the more robust and powerful your floor standing speakers will be.


Good floor standing speakers have an impedance of 8 or 4 ohms. High-quality models cover the complete range from 8 to 4 ohms.


An important criterion when buying a floor standing speaker is the number of drivers. Floor standing speakers usually have 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way systems.

The 2-way system consists of a woofer and a tweeter. Here, in addition to their tasks, the two transducers must also take care of the mid-range division. A 3-way system includes a woofer, midrange, and tweeter. Thus, each transducer can devote itself to its area. The 4-way system also offers a super tweeter or a subwoofer for bass.

Check if your floor standing speaker has active or passive speakers. Passive speakers do not have a built-in amplifier, and you must connect it to an external amplifier or receiver. Connecting active speakers to an amplifier usually results in a pop.

Analog or wireless? It hardly makes a difference these days. Some floor standing speakers are equipped with aptX Bluetooth, currently the best Bluetooth technology for transmitting music.


Frequency response is the range of frequencies that a speaker reproduces. If the low-frequency range is 50 Hz or higher, then we recommend you use a subwoofer. The ideal frequency range for a floor standing speaker is between 20 and 20,000 Hertz.

Size & Design

As a rule, you can assume that larger speakers usually offer more power. However, consider the size of the room you want to put your floor standing speakers in. If the room is small, large speakers make little sense and detract from the look and sound. For smaller rooms, bookshelf speakers are a better choice.

Floor standing speakers are ideal for large rooms where they can unleash all of your sounds and fully show off their looks, whether in black, white, or wood.


A high number of floor standing speakers are made of MDF (medium-density fiberboard) in various thicknesses. MDF is a “dead” material that does not sound. It absorbs vibrations and converts energy into heat. The chassis often even consist of several layers.

Alternatively, you can choose floor standing speakers made of real wood, stone, or glass. Make sure that the material is low in resonance; this is the case with high-quality wood or stone. The finish and bonding can also affect the sound, as can the thickness of the cabinet wall.

Alternatives floor standing speaker

If you do not want to do without sophisticated sound, then high-end speakers are a very good choice and a good alternative for floor standing speakers. They impress with technical sophistication and feature state-of-the-art technology inside the cabinet.

If it may be less elaborate, then fall back on simple shelf speakers, compact speakers, or center speakers. They include airplay speakers, bass reflex boxes, Bluetooth speakers, or special bass speakers.

The bottom line for the best floor standing speakers.

The most important findings from the comparison of floor standing speakers have been summarized here for you once again:

  • Floor-standing speakers offer significantly better sound quality compared to bookshelf speakers and portable variants.
  • Passive speakers require an additional amplifier but offer the best sound quality. Active floor standing loudspeakers are especially characterized by easy operation and installation.
  • 5.1 floor standing speakers are a good choice for all friends of movies and series.
  • High investments of over 1,000 euros are only worthwhile if you place a very high value on a natural sound.
  • Even inexpensive floor standing speakers from $70 can often convince with good sound.
  • Wireless speakers score with an easy connection of smartphone and Co. On the other hand, Wired variants deliver a more natural sound, according to the trade press.
  • Before buying, experts advise listening to different types of speakers on a trial basis.
  • Have you already determined which type of floor standing speaker is best suited for your purposes? Here is a selection of recommended models. Have fun enjoying and rediscovering the sounds of your personal music library.


What must be considered when buying a floor standing speaker?

Before buying your new floor standing speakers, you need to answer several questions for yourself in advance: What is your intended use? Do you want to set up just two speakers or an entire home theater system? In which room do you want to place the speakers? How will you set up the speakers? What features and functions do you need? Do you want the speakers to be active or passive? Do you need a 2-way, 3-way, or 4-way system, stereo, or surround?

How do you set up floor standing speakers?

Pay attention to placement. It has an enormous influence on the optimal sound. It would be best if you do not place floor standing speakers directly in corners; you will reduce the detail of the bass. You should also not place them too close to walls. Please pay close attention here to the manufacturer’s specifications. The ideal distance is about two meters or more. Also, the floor standing speakers should not be blocked.

How to connect floor standing speakers?

There are many different ways how to connect your speaker cables. Either in the classic way where you clamp the stranded wire under the screw terminal or choose a plug that you plug into the screw terminal. You should note that the longer the distance to the speakers, select the larger cable cross-section. You are on the safe side with the common cable lengths with cross-sections of 2.5mm² to 4mm². There is no difference in sound quality. Thinner cables have a higher power loss, which can become noticeable at long distances through a loss of level or volume. To avoid this, a cable cross-section from 2.5mm² upwards is recommended.

For which room do you take which floor standing speaker?

If you like to listen to music very loudly, want to enjoy a full-bodied sound, and have a high demand on the bass range, we recommend floor standing speakers already for smaller rooms from 20 sqm|².

For which music genre do you choose which floor standing speaker?

For music lovers, floor standing speakers are always the first choice. A floor standing speaker is something for those who really want to listen to the music. For the right choice, we recommend, see under further links, various music titles with which you can fully test the sound and quality.

How long do floor-standing speakers last?

A floor standing loudspeaker will easily give you ten years of good service. Unavoidable environmental influences for floor standing speakers are temperature, UV radiation, and humidity. Especially with bass speakers, foam beads decompose after about 10 to 15 years, even at average room temperatures up to 25°C, humidity up to 70%, and placement in partial shade with front covering (no UV exposure). Impregnated textile domes, which are present in tweeters, or impregnated membrane midrange drivers, dry out after less than five years, especially when exposed to UV radiation. Direct sunlight is the decisive factor in how long a floor standing loudspeaker can last since any damping will be burned out sooner or later. Aging only by very (loud) strong use is not proven.

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