Best cat ear Headphones for Kids and Adults

If you are looking for the best cat ear headphones with a microphone, you have come to the right place. Here we will show you the cutest cat ears headset with light, all models. Is there anything more adorable than a gaming headset with ears?

best cat ear headphones

Today these types of headphones have become the latest thing. You can find them everywhere. Take your headphones with cat ears wherever you want. And make the difference in a world usually carried away by the ordinary, so here are six best cat ear headphones that will make you look different from the rest.

5 Best cat ear headphones

Haven’t you found the headphones with cat ears you are looking for? Well, maybe we have them here, let us show you our recommendations. And for sure you will love one of them, among them, there are great variables. That’s why they are unique in the market. Remember that if you buy them from our buttons, you will get the best price.

1. SOMIC G951S Pink cat ear headphones

The SOMIC G951S is one of the best for little ladies who like to look different from the rest. The Somic G951S is your suitable model; cat ears attract you, with excellent quality of materials, comes in pink color, the cat ears are completely removable, comes with an integrated flip-up microphone.

Its power supply is wired and has 40 mm drivers for bass effect. Through its hardware, it is possible to configure the sounds to obtain greater fidelity. The ears, as we said before, are completely removable. It is ideal for girls and women. The parts that have contact with the skin and head is highly soft.

It is a very lightweight headphone with a sturdy structure, comes with a 3.5 mm Jack. It is compatible with various devices (Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, iPad, iPhone, PC, the in-line volume control allows custom regulation.

The headband is adjustable to the user’s head. The headphones are large in size, have a great hermeticity to external noise, no interference, and are highly ergonomic. They also have an excellent ratio between the cost of the headphones and the quality they offer.

2. Razer Kraken Kitty the best cat ear headphones

Now, let’s see a cat ears headset that offers us the Razer Kraken Kitty brand, a brand with great experience in all kinds of peripherals. With these headphones, you can express part of your personality. The USB gaming headphones have lighting that is possible to customize.

They are also wired, with 7.1 THX Spatial Audio surround sound, with which we can enjoy very accurate sounds, with the limitation of being available only for Windows 10 with 64 bits. It comes with a microphone which in turn has a noise cancellation function.

They are highly comfortable and very durable. The pads are filled with cooling gel to spend long hours with them and not feel heat or discomfort on any side of our ears. The structure of the headband is aluminum bauxite, as we know, is a high-strength material. They are also very light; the highlight of these headphones is the 16.8 million colors that can be chosen to customize the same lighting.

The headphones are compatible with various devices and consoles, PC, Xbox One, PS4, through its 3.5 mm jack. The USB that comes with the headset is only for the light. By the way, if we have not yet commented on you is custom. It independently illuminates the cat ears. The pads, the said, are highly customizable.

3. Riwbox CT-7S Bluetooth headphones with cat ears

These are another of the headphones very requested in the market. They have a very attractive design to the smallest of the home, in blue, green colors, with a wireless connection. They are foldable, so they can easily store them in their backpack. They have LED light, with which their little ears are made to blink to the rhythm of the music.

The headphones on the outside are decorated with the image of the cat riwbox, come with high-powered speakers with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provide high-quality sound. You will know the status of your connection because it will be displayed on your screen. You can remember when the battery needs to be charged by a voice that mentions it to you.

They can be used with or without cable. You find the switches on the sides of the headphones. The audio cable is braided and, therefore, more resistant. The microphone also comes with a cable for audio D1 braided, allowing to receive or make calls by cell phone.

These headphones are highly compatible with other devices such as PS4, Tablet, PC, music players. They provide very good ergonomics and are very light headphones, and if you have any problems with the use, you can always rely on the instruction manual included in the purchase.

4. PowerLocus wireless Bluetooth earphones

The headphones that every child wants to have because they are designed for them. The PowerLocus headphones have a Bluetooth connection. Its connection is virtually unbreakable and has an extended range of up to 15 meters without experiencing any distortion in the sound.

With a high fidelity stereo sound, its design is extensible to fit any head size, is perfectly foldable. It comes with switchable LED lights, has a battery life of up to 10 hours, and charge in just 2.5 hours, are compatible with SD cards up to 32 GB, and has universal compatibility.

They come with a microphone, which also works hands-free that works perfectly to answer calls. It is compatible with other devices and consoles such as Nintendo Switch, PS4, among others. Its portability is exceptional. Being foldable, we can carry them in our bag, backpack, etc.

They have very good ergonomics since their design is unique for our little ones. The pads are very soft, are designed for small. The purchase of these headphones also gives us a micro USB charging cable, an auxiliary audio cable with a microphone, and a travel case that also serves as protection for the headphones.

5. Unicorn Kids Headphones for Girls & Kids

And if, in addition to adoring cats, you love unicorns, how about a combination of these your two favorite animals in your following cat ear headphones. Well, now it is possible, with these headphones from JYPS, which have a pretty spectacular design to start this summary, several bright colors illuminate its structure.

The headband fits perfectly to the head of the little ones; the manufacturer recommends its use for a kid over three years old. Both the headband and the ear cushions are appropriately padded, which makes them more comfortable to wear.

They are compatible with a wide range of devices such as game consoles, thanks to its 3.5 mm jack, ideal for connection to the iPhone (5, 6), Android cell phone, tablet, iPad. They also have integrated a microphone that can also be used hands-free.

Its connection is wired, the manufacturing materials are BPA free, so they are a completely safe and non-toxic product but with excellent resistance to withstand impacts. With your purchase, we also include a unicorn bracelet and a reusable unicorn package box.

If you are looking for the best headphones with cat ears and a microphone, you have come to the right place. Here we will show you the cutest cat ears headset with light, all models. Is there anything more adorable than a gaming headset with ears?

6. iClever cat ears design kids headphones

If you pay attention to great importance to the design and have a girl, iClever kids headphones in cat ears might be more suitable for you. This model is available at a reasonable price. This is also an excellent must-have gift that comes with volume-controlled technology.

Due to this fixed circuit, a volume of up to 85 dB can be realized exclusively. This limit is generally recommended when using headphones. Especially for the kid, this value should also be observed in any case to protect the sensitive eardrum.

These kid’s headphones from the iClever brand were designed with durable materials and score points for their child-friendly operation. The cable is bendable, stretchable, and cannot be tangled, implemented very well. Moreover, only environmentally friendly materials are used in this model. The manufacturer iClever also ensures universal compatibility. Namely, the model has a 3.5 mm jack connector, which can be easily connected to all popular audio sources.

You won’t go wrong with these headphones for kids if you’re looking for particularly eye-catching models that feature a padded headband. The headphones are also quite lightweight and score well for durability.

If you are one of those people who identify in some way with the kittens and you like to wear some garment or item that shows you as a big fan of the felines. Then you have come to the right place, especially if, in addition to being fans of the cute kittens. This is the last one of our best cat ear headphones list.

What to consider for the best cat ear headphones?

Kid’s headphones bring the current audiobook or the favorite band’s latest album to the kid’s ears. AllesBeste tested headphones for a kid between $12-25, including models without and with cable. The Sony MDR-ZX110 has been chosen as the best headphones for the kid, with a very good overall rating. But even if you are looking for the best sound or a wireless model, you will find what you are looking for. We also explain whether kid’s headphones need a noise limitation, which features make up a good pair of headphones, and which type of headphones (with or without cable, in-ear, on-ear, or over-ear) are the best for the kid.

That’s what you’ll read in this article: We first present the recommendations of kid’s headphones in an overview and then go into detail about the top devices. In our price-performance assessment, we give you a market overview and then explain the test procedure of our partner AllesBeste. After that, you’ll get general information about headphones for kids, and we’ll tell you what you should consider when buying.

How much do I have to spend on good kid’s headphones?

You can get a strong pair of kid’s headphones with a cable for under $15. Wireless models with Bluetooth usually cost more, usually over $20. Unlike adult models, however, prices for kid’s headphones rarely exceed $30, and you should only spend that much if there are really great extras on board. Usually, around $20 Euros is a fair price for kid’s models. The current test winner is available for a solid $12, and the best sound in the test is available for around $20.

What are kid’s headphones, and how do they work?

Kid’s headphones are headphones specifically for the kid. They are usually very gaudy and colorful in design and are geared to the anatomy of kids. The ear cups can be tilted and aligned to the kid’s ears; the earpieces can usually be adjusted to a very high radius and thus often grow with the child.

Kid’s headphones must be volume-controlled so that kids don’t turn them up too loud and accidentally damage their sensitive ears. The critical limit here is 85 dB.

Other plus points of kid’s headphones are that they often have child-friendly gadgets, such as a second audio output on the cable so that a sibling can also plug in headphones here and listen in. In addition, the operation is also geared towards the little ones – unnecessary buttons or complex functions are usually omitted.

What types of kid’s headphones are there?

There are in-ear headphones inserted directly into the ear canal, headphones surrounding the ear, so-called over-ear headphones, or on-ear headphones that rest on the ear. For adults, the choice of headphone model is a matter of taste, but not for a kid: Here, you should avoid in-ears because these play directly on the auditory canal – and this is a very sensitive and noise-sensitive organ. Since kids are often not yet able to correctly assess the volume, this can quickly lead to hearing damage if exposed to continuous sound too loudly.

This risk is lower with over-ears or on-ears. In addition, these headphone models do not filter out all ambient noise. This is especially important when kids or teenagers are wearing headphones outdoors near the road and need to hear what is happening in the traffic. In addition, with these types of headphones, parents have the chance to listen to when their offspring turn up the volume too loud. In this case, the sound also penetrates to the outside, which allows you to intervene.

What should I look for when buying kid’s headphones?

Not all kid’s headphones are the same. When buying, you should pay particular attention to the following:

Volume control: make sure you buy a pair of kid’s headphones that either can’t be set very loud or have a volume control set to 85 dB.

Cable or Bluetooth: Do you want your child to be able to listen with or without a cable? Bluetooth kid’s headphones also often have the handy option of being able to be used with a memory card, meaning the audio terminal can be eliminated altogether. And if you run out of juice, these headphones can still be used with a cable. However, you should check how long the battery lasts on a pair of Bluetooth kid’s headphones. Some models run out after five hours, while others play through 10 hours easily.

Size: If you are unsure about the size, the approximate size information on the packaging will help you. There are kid’s headphone models for toddlers, elementary school students, or young teens. Most kid’s headphone models grow with you due to their flexible size adjustability, but you should still pay attention to a good fit, especially with the headphone ear cups.

Scope: Are the headphones collapsible and easy to carry around? How heavy is it? A pair of headphones for a kid should not weigh more than 150g.

Additional functions: Some kid’s headphones have a coupling plug-in cable so that a sibling can plug in here with the second pair of headphones. Others have radio FM access. What additional features should your kid’s headphones have?

Design and visual extras: The design is important for elementary school kids at the latest. Color, size, and other extras like cat ears on the headband are real eye-catchers. There are also kid’s headphones with printed motifs or those that come with various sticker pallets so that kids can personalize their kid’s headphones.

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Why is a volume limit necessary?

Damage to hearing from noise occurs from regular exposure to sound above 85 dB, according to studies. This is the so-called OSHA value, which is also used as a guideline by the WHO.

For this reason, manufacturers regulate the volume of most kid’s headphones to this value. Of course, 85 dB is only a guideline – even if your kids only listen to music or audiobooks at this “safer” volume level, it doesn’t mean that your child’s hearing is really completely safe. Normal ambient and everyday noise should not be underestimated either. This is also considered noise exposure.

But why do we find listening to soft music so difficult? In theory, we can listen to music at 70 dB for as long as we want without suffering any damage. But the catch with low volume is that the sounds lose their clarity – the louder and quieter parts of a song then sound about the same. That’s why we like to turn up the volume or go to a disco, club, or concert – where music is played from around 105 dB. But anything with a volume of more than about 110 dB can already cause permanent damage to adult ears.

A heavy truck driving right past you can easily generate around 90 dB of volume. The louder a sound is, the more likely we humans are to perceive it as noise. And the noisier something is, the more likely it is to cause permanent hearing damage.

Noise pollution and hearing damage manifest not only in ringing in the ears, such as tinnitus, but also in concentration disorders, sleep disturbances, or learning difficulties, especially in a kid. That’s why you should definitely choose kid’s headphones that don’t let you turn up the sound too loudly or that are volume-regulated. If you want to be on the safe side, follow the WHO recommendation not to allow your kid to listen to music with headphones for more than one hour at a time – this also applies to adults.

Important to know: If your child is exposed to more than 70 dB ambient noise during the day. The remaining safe listening time is greatly reduced because ambient noise and media noise actually add up. Together with media exposure above 70dB, ambient noise adds up to the daily portion of potentially harmful sounds.

Should kid’s headphones be noise-canceling?

Headphones that suppress ambient noise and thus ensure absolutely undisturbed sound enjoyment, so-called noise-canceling headphones, are a must for many music fans. However, these types of headphones are not recommended for the kid. Especially if the youngsters go outside with them, they should still be able to perceive their surroundings. Both a shouting person and an approaching car should not be filtered away by the headphones. Therefore, kid’s headphones are usually not designed to suppress outside noise anyway: This is especially important for a younger kid, who first have to learn to react properly to their surroundings without headphones anyway.

When do I know if a pair of kid’s headphones is right for me?

In short: When nothing pinches, the child and the headphones do not fall off. Headphones for kids are often designed to have a very flexible earpiece that grows with the child. Nevertheless, your child can also outgrow the headphones. So if the headphones pinch badly, they’re probably too small.

When buying kid’s headphones, also make sure that the headphones’ ear cups can be tilted so that your child can adjust them individually. In addition, different hardnesses can be chosen according to taste when it comes to the padding of the headphone ear cups. If they are unsure when buying, the age information on the packaging will help you. Manufacturers usually give an approximate age rating for their kid’s headphones.

Which kids are suitable for kid’s headphones?

Kid’s headphones are suitable for the kid from around 3 years of age. Manufacturers usually give an approximate age rating on the kid’s headphone packaging for you to use as a guide. If your child likes listening to audiobooks, then kid’s headphones are just as suitable for him as for kids in their teens. Many models are also so flexible in terms of size adjustability that they grow with your child over the years. It may be that your teenager’s headphones from childhood still fit, but the design has, unfortunately, become too uncool.

How do I care for my kid’s headphones?

Kid’s headphones need the same care as regular headphones. Kid’s headphones are headphones with a headband. The best way to wipe them on the outside is with a damp cloth and remove traces of sticky kid’s hands, for example. If you also find crumbs, lint, or similar in the ear cups, you should also remove them to ensure a better sound. If blowing or brushing doesn’t get rid of it, you can simply wipe it off with a dry toothbrush or a hard brush.

By the way, the care also includes the cable; if you have kid’s headphones with a cable: You should also damp clean and carefully roll up. Crumpled cables break easily, so you should teach your kids to avoid a cable tangle right from the start.

Last but not least, take a look at any buttons and other coupling possibilities for a second pair of kid’s headphones: also brush them finely around the outside. Where necessary, you can use a toothpick to remove or pick out any dirt.

Do the kid’s headphones smell musty? This may be due to the padding. If worn often and for a long time, they should not disappear in the backpack afterward but be hung up in an airy place. If that doesn’t help either, but the kid’s headphones in a shoebox, place a key of baking soda between the ear cups and let the baking soda work its wonders overnight. The headphones should be odorless again the following day. But be careful: Do not sprinkle the headphones directly with baking soda, of course! Hope buying guide help you to purchase the cat ear headphone.

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