Bartender 4: Menu bar tool is prepared for macOS Big Sur

Bartender 4 mac

Those who use their Mac for productive work and have several programs installed will have collected some icons in the menu bar. Some are practical and are used; others are not used at all. With the program Bartender 4, you can edit the icons in the menu bar.

Bartender 4 mac

Because: Besides the standard applications like Spotlight, user, time or WLAN, many icons accumulate that you don’t need every day, but every now and then, for example, I have the icons of CopyLess, Mate Translate, aText, Fantastical 3 or PhotoSync. With Bartender, you can decide if you want to hide icons completely or place them in a second menu bar. The new menu bar can then be displayed as needed.

A public beta of the new Bartender 4 version is now available on the Bartender website, which the developers say is “our biggest update yet.” The use during the beta phase is free; in the official version, Bartender 4 will then be a paid update, which will be available for $15.37. Owners of an earlier version will receive a 50% discount.

new version Bartender 4 for mac

New in Bartender 4 is the following main features.

Menu bar layout: more powerful and refined – the new layout screen gives you full control over your menu bar items. You can hide them but still, make them easily accessible, set your most important things always to be visible, and define the exact order of items for your workflow. Bartender retains your lineup even after you restart macOS.

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Triggers: With the power of new triggers, you now have options when an element is displayed. Triggers include any change, icon match, or script, for example. This allows you to display menu bar items exactly when you need them.

The Bartender also includes some unique triggers for battery level, WLAN, and Time Machine.

Quick Reveal: With Quick Reveal, you now have lightning-fast access to your menu bar items. Get instant access to your hidden icons by simply moving your mouse to the menu bar, or if you prefer, by clicking on the menu bar.

Quick Search: Quick Search changes the way you use your menu bar apps. Find, view, and activate menu bar items instantly from your keyboard.

Other minor improvements include:

  • Menu bar spacers.
  • More space on smaller screens.
  • A way to hide icons on inactive screens.
  • Options to display new menu bar items.

A release date for the final version of Bartender 4 has not yet been set. Important to know: Bartender 4 will only be compatible with macOS Big Sur.

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