AirPods Flashing Orange, Green or White: What to do?

AirPods Flashing Orange

The small LED on the AirPods charging case can light up red, green, and white and the charging status. Opening the lid lights up the LED. It goes out again after a short time. In this article we will explain why the AirPods flashing Orange, Green, White, or Red. What the color signals mean in detail, and what should you do.

AirPods Flashing Orange

AirPods Flashing Orange

When you try to connect the AirPods to a device, it can happen that the charging station of the Apple headphones only flashes orange, and nothing else happens. This might be the question of one or the other owner of the Apple wireless headphones who has just opened the Airpods case and wants to connect the headphones to the iPhone, iPad, or another device.

The flashing on AirPods or AirPods Pro not only appears when you want them with an iPhone or iPad but also when you connect with an Android smartphone or other devices. You cannot use the headphones in that case. What causes the AirPods (as well as the AirPods Pro) to flash orange and how to fix the problem is usually quite simple. We have created a short guide in this article.

What to do when AirPods flashing orange?

There is no clear cause for orange flashing AirPods. Usually, you can solve the problem with one of the following methods:

  • Sometimes, you can fix the problem quickly by charging them first.
  • After a few hours, open the lid of the charging station. The LED should still be flashing orange.
  • Simply press the button on the back of the charging station briefly.
  • The flashing should change from “orange” to “white.” If this is the case, the AirPods can be connected and used again as usual.

Still, AirPods flashing orange?

If the first method doesn’t help, you can get rid of the error with the AirPods & AirPods Pro like this:

  • First, disconnect the AirPods if the headphones are already connected to a device. On the iPhone, open the Bluetooth overview and select the AirPods. Use the blue “i” icon to remove the headphones from the list of known devices. If you have an Android smartphone, you can also delete the AirPods in the Bluetooth overview.
  • You should delete the AirPods from all devices they were previously connected to.
  • Make sure that the battery of both AirPods and the charging cradle is charged.
  • Now reset the AirPods. To do this, first place both headphones in the charging case and then press the button on the charging station for about 15 seconds. The LED should now flash yellow.
  • Now you can reconnect the AirPods to the desired device without the charging case flashing orange.

Now you should be able to use the AirPods normally. If this is not the case, try resetting the AirPods to factory settings or perform a firmware update.

AirPods Flashing Green

The charging case of the AirPods is equipped with a status indicator that allows you to check the charging status of the Apple AirPods. If the status indicator of the AirPods flashes green and you cannot connect one or both AirPods, there might be an error.

What to do when AirPods flashing green?

The status indicator on the AirPods charging case usually flashes green when the headphones are having trouble connecting to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. Often, resetting the headphones is enough to fix the issue.

Follow these steps to reset the AirPods:

  • Place the AirPods back into the charging case.
  • Press and hold the setup button on the back of the case until the status indicator flashes yellow and white alternately.
  • You can now remove the AirPods from the case and try to pair them with your iOS device again.

AirPods Flashing White

If your AirPods flashing white means the AirPods are in pairing mode. You can connect the AirPods to any smartphone – including an Android phone.

What to do when AirPods flashing white?

If you now close the lid from the case, a white LED should flash after about 15 seconds. This symbolizes that the AirPods are ready for a Bluetooth connection.

If you still can not pair the AirPods:

  • Press and hold the setup button on the headphones.
  • Open the AirPods charging case and place it next to your device.
  • Now select the AirPods on your mobile device and follow the on-screen instructions.

AirPods Flashing Red

If your AirPods flashing red, it indicates the case doesn’t have enough power. Charge them, you can read here how to charge AirPods case.

If your AirPods has enough charge to use, but still flashing red, there must be an error that has occurred. Then, you should re-start or reset the AirPods.

AirPods do not connect?

If your AirPods do not connect to your mobile device, various causes may be responsible. We have possible solutions for you here. You can read here, AirPods keep cutting out, how to fix them.

AirPods do not connect – various reasons.

Make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone or iPad. Otherwise, AirPods will not be able to connect.

Make sure your iPhone or iPad has the latest software version installed. If you are using the second-generation AirPods, you must install iOS 12.2 or later. To use the first-generation headphones, you need at least iOS 10. Check that both headphones are charged.

If none of these steps did anything, reset your AirPods completely.

AirPods defective: How to replace the AirPods?

If the status indicator continues to flash green even after a reset and the connection problems also persist, it could be due to a hardware defect. Apple offers various options to repair defective hardware. If one of your AirPod do not work, and no warranty left, you can replace a single AirPod.

For example, you can return the AirPods directly to an Apple Store or an Apple-certified repair shop. Alternatively, you can also send the headphones in. To do so, contact Apple Support. The costs for a repair depending on the warranty.

If you know any other causes or solutions for the problem with the AirPods flashing orange or green, please feel free to post them in the comments section below this article.

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